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Common Defenses Weapon Crimes

user - November 3, 2017

Common defenses used in weapons and violence crimes The US constitution has given every citizen the basic right to own and bear their own fire arms. However, what most people tend to overlook is that there are quite a few laws that control the use of firearms, depending on which state you are currently in. […]


Mom Leaves 2 Sons In Her Car

user - August 7, 2017

When Shanesha Taylor, a 35-year-old homeless mother, left her two children in a hot car, it was not because she was abusive. She was actually going for a job interview and made the tough decision to lock her children in so they would be safe. Nevertheless, when someone noticed the children in the car they […]


DUI Blood Tests: What You Need to Know

user - February 17, 2017

In a previous entry, we shared tips for why you should never take a field sobriety test. Spoiler alert: they’re grossly unreliable. In this issue, we’ll talk about what rights you have in terms of DUI blood tests and what exactly such tests measure. You Don’t Get To Refuse Blood Tests Unlike field sobriety tests, […]


Does Your Boss Need To Know About Your DUI?

user - February 10, 2017

A man is suing a police chief over what he says is a wrongful arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) that cost him his job after his boss found out. In this issue, we’ll talk about whether or not your employer will find out about your DUI charge. Am I required to disclose my […]


Here’s An Example of How NOT to Behave During DUI Stop

user - February 3, 2017

In a previous entry, we shared tips for what to do if your arrested by law enforcement. To give you an idea of how to completely blow it, this entry will focus on a woman who probably wishes she had held her tongue. The Case at a Glance The woman was pulled over for suspicion […]


Just How Does Blood Alcohol Content Affect Your Driving?

user - January 23, 2017

We hear a lot about blood alcohol concentration (BAC), but how exactly does it affect our ability to drive? That may be a tough question to answer since all of us will absorb and metabolize alcohol at different rates. However, with a bit of assistance from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), we can […]


Can You Be Charged With DUI For Sleeping It Off In Your Car?

user - January 13, 2017

In an incident that garnered national attention in December, former Arizona Cardinal Michael Floyd was found sleeping behind the wheel of his car at an intersection in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was charged with two counts of driving under the influence (DUI). The key for Floyd’s DUI charges likely sticking are found in the article below […]


Find Out Why A Judge Tossed Breathalyzer Tests in DUI Cases

user - January 6, 2017

A Vermont judge who claims there isn’t enough scientific evidence in breath tests to fairly charge someone with driving under the influence (DUI) threw out critical evidence in 25 cases. What is “relate-back” evidence and why is this such a win against it? After the judged tossed the evidence, a defense attorney in the courtroom […]


Do You Know How to Have Charges Expunged?

user - December 30, 2016

You may have read about someone having their charges expunged. In this entry, we’ll talk about what that actually means. Defining expungement Arizona law looks at expungement as “setting aside a judgment.” Having records set aside is akin to the offense or charge never having taking place, even if you did time for it. Even […]


Avoiding the Day-After DUI

user - December 23, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, “sleeping it off” is not always a foolproof way to kill your buzz, drive sober and avoid being charged with driving under the influence (DUI). In this entry, we’ll talk about how long it actually takes for alcohol to leave your system. Can people really be arrested for DUI the day […]



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