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Drug Trafficking

A Strong Defense Against Complex, Serious Charges

Trafficking is a general term that can include transportation of drugs for sale, importing drugs, selling drugs or offering to do any of those things. A person convicted of drug trafficking faces a significant prison term, which makes it essential to have an experienced lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, are skilled in defending these drug charges and can help avoid a lengthy prison sentence.

The Differences Between Possession And Trafficking

Possession charges usually involve the possession of a small amount of a drug for personal use. Trafficking usually involves larger amounts of drugs possessed with the intent to sell or otherwise transfer the drugs.

While simple possession of marijuana is a Class 6 felony, trafficking of marijuana is a Class 3 felony if the amount of marijuana is less than two pounds. If the amount of marijuana is two pounds or more, it is a Class 2 felony. Simple possession of narcotic drugs and possession of dangerous or illicit drugs are both Class 4 felonies. Trafficking of the same drugs is a Class 2 felony.

Probation is available unless the amount of drugs found in your possession is at or exceeds what Arizona law refers to as the “threshold amount.” A conviction for trafficking drugs in an amount more than the threshold will result in a mandatory prison sentence. The “threshold amount” is as follows:

  • 2 pounds of marijuana
  • 9 grams of cocaine
  • 1 gram of heroin
  • 4 grams or 50 milliliters of PCP
  • 9 grams of methamphetamine
  • 9 grams of amphetamine
  • For all other drugs, an amount that is valued at $1000 or more

A Class 3 felony is punishable by 2 to 8.75 years in prison. A Class 2 felony is punishable by 3 to 12.5 years in prison.

Unique Complications Involving Methamphetamine

A conviction of trafficking of methamphetamine involves special sentencing terms. Arizona has determined that methamphetamine is especially dangerous and has created a separate sentencing scheme. A person convicted of this will be sentenced between five and 15 years in prison. If convicted a second time, the penalties are even harsher: 10 to 20 years in prison.

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