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Here’s An Example of How NOT to Behave During DUI Stop

In a previous entry, we shared tips for what to do if your arrested by law enforcement. To give you an idea of how to completely blow it, this entry will focus on a woman who probably wishes she had held her tongue.

The Case at a Glance

The woman was pulled over for suspicion of DUI after doing a number of things to bring attention to her driving, including remaining stopped for a green traffic light and then going 20 mph in a 35 mph speed zone.

Officers noticed a smell of alcohol from the woman but she said she had only been working in an environment where alcohol was served.

Her First Mistake

The woman agreed to take a field sobriety test after being asked to do so by cops. It wasn’t her best performance as she began to sway – nearly falling into one officer’s arms.

Regular readers of our site will know that you should always exercise your right not to take field sobriety tests because they’re strictly voluntary and highly flawed.

Her Second Mistake

When cops informed her she was being arrested for suspicion of drunken driving, she insulted them and then tried to name-drop her way out of the arrest by saying she was friends with certain officers – and even named them.

The cops saw through her blatant attempt for special treatment.

How YOU Should Handle Yourself if Arrested by Cops

We talked in an earlier entry about how you should handle yourself if you’re arrested by police.

Be cooperative.

Arguing with them is not going to do you any favors. Instead, be cooperative and polite without offering any information – even if you feel you’ve done nothing wrong.

Be quiet.

While you may feel obligated to answer questions, doing so can backfire on you in a big way because literally everything you say then can and will be used against you in court.

Be proactive.

Your new best friend is a lawyer. Other than providing cops with your name and identifying information, all other questions should be answered with “I’ll let my attorney talk with you about that.”

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