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Safety tips for an Arizona New Year’s celebration

Criminal Defense Lawyer Team - December 20, 2019

The new year is often a fresh start for many Arizonans. However, getting a DUI on New Year’s Day may not be the best way to begin 2020, as the number of DUI charges often skyrocket on January 1st. Whether someone was still drunk from the night before or decided to hit the bars after […]


Criminal charges for DUI brought against Arizona woman

Criminal Defense Lawyer Team - August 12, 2019

It is not unusual for one bad decision to have many repercussions. Fortunately, that one bad decision does not have to set the tone for decisions made in the future. For instance, if the decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol leads to criminal charges for DUI, the accused driver can work to […]


A DUI can damage your career options

Criminal Defense Lawyer Team - June 7, 2019

Imagine driving across Phoenix on your way home from work. It’s Friday, so you decide to stop in and have a couple of cold ones at your favorite watering hole. At the end of happy hour, you hop back in your car and head home. You didn’t drink much and you feel totally fine to […]



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