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DUI & Traffic Offenses

Aggressive Representation Against Tough DUI And Serious Traffic Offenses

Facing charges for drunk driving, reckless driving, and other traffic offenses can make much in your life uncertain. Your driver’s license may be revoked, and you may face additional steep consequences.

At Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, we have almost 40 years of combined experience representing individuals across Arizona. When you face charges related to driving under the influence (DUI) or other serious traffic offenses, we investigate the case to determine an appropriate strategy to mitigate harsh consequences.

Protecting Your Rights After A DUI Or Serious Traffic Offense

We defend against all types of DUIs, including:

  • Misdemeanor DUIs. While this can seem minor, often as a first-time offense, it can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, jail time and more.
  • Extreme DUIs. This is an offense in Arizona when the offender has a blood alcohol concentration of more than .15 but less than .20.
  • Super-Extreme DUIs. This DUI results from a blood alcohol concentration of more than .20 and can have grave consequences.
  • Aggravated DUIs. This is a felony offense that can include a mandatory prison sentence, among other potential consequences.

We are also knowledgeable in navigating other traffic offenses and issues, including administrative hearings after a DUI at the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), license suspension issues, and charges related to reckless driving.

We Know How The Prosecution Thinks

Attorney Alex Lane is a former prosecutor. For three years, he worked as a prosecutor in Maricopa County, where he worked on many serious DUI and traffic cases. We leverage this experience and knowledge in the cases we work on today. Arizona laws are tough on drivers, yet police officers or prosecutors may make mistakes in pulling over, arresting or charging offenders.

Finding The Best Strategy

We thoroughly investigate your case to determine if potential errors could contribute to a reduction or even dismissal of charges. When this strategy is not feasible for your case, we seek alternatives to harsh penalties.

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