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How Arizona Defines Manslaughter Charges

The term manslaughter is often used to describe everything from an accidental death to homicide. Arizona has a specific definition of manslaughter. In Arizona, the law states that a person commits manslaughter by:

  1. Recklessly causing the death of another person
  2. Committing second-degree murder in a sudden fit of anger or passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim
  3. Intentionally aiding another to commit suicide
  4. Committing second-degree murder while being coerced to do so by the use of unlawful deadly physical force
  5. Knowingly or recklessly causing the death of an unborn child by any physical injury to the mother

A Conviction Can Result In Harsh Penalties

Ultimately, manslaughter is one of the many ways a prosecutor can choose to charge someone who breaks the law by killing another person, even if that person did not intend to commit murder.

Manslaughter is a Class 2 felony. It carries a potential sentence of between seven and 21 years in prison. If manslaughter is committed in conjunction with another felony act or if the defendant already has a felony conviction, the prison sentence can rise to 28 years.

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Before he became a defense attorney with Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, Alex Lane worked as a prosecutor for three years, mainly in the Vehicular Crimes Bureau in the Major Offenders Division of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Now, Mr. Lane takes that information and puts it to use for those facing criminal charges. He has learned investigative secrets that will help him anticipate the prosecution’s moves against you. He knows how to circumvent them as well as how to address the issues at hand in your case. Together, we are committed to providing you with the strongest defense possible for violent crimes.

We also have a large network of support from other criminal defense attorneys and investigators who can help build a solid defense in your case. No matter what charges you face, you need someone on your side who understands the system and will aggressively fight for your rights.

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