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Gun Charges Arizona

What are the Guns and Weapons charges in Arizona?

Gun laws in Arizona tend to be lenient when compared to other states in the country. However, if you are accused or are caught using firearms or any kind of lethal weapons in Arizona, then the consequences can be quite severe. Law enforcement agencies go by the motto “use a gun, go to prison”, which almost always leads to at least a plea offer which usually requires a mandatory prison sentence.

There are quite a few different violations you can commit that might lead to your arrest and prosecution. Some of these are as follows:

1. If the person who used the weapon is on probation for a previous felony charge
2. If the perpetrator does not have an authorized state license for carrying a concealed weapon
3. If the user used the weapon or firearm in a location which strictly forbids it, e.g. airports, railway stations etc.
4. If the user was found selling, distributing, smuggling or transporting weapons illegally or without proper authorization
5. If the culprit used a firearm or any other kind of dangerous weapon in committing a crime, like murder, robbery, carjacking etc.
6. If the offender was found using a weapon while in the possession of, or while being under the influence of an illegal drug, which can include marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. This might apply even if the person is caught with just drug paraphernalia
7. If the culprit is involved in an assault of any kind in which they used a weapon or firearm

While some of these offenses might lead to fines, community service or short term jail sentences, some cases have, and will, lead to life in prison. However, in most cases it can be hard for the state prosecutor to provide veritable proof that the culprit was present at the scene of the crime and his actions directly resulted in its success. If the jury or the presiding judge has even a slight doubt over the evidence presented, then the case will either be dismissed or the charges will be reduced. In any case, it is essential that you are aware of all the relevant laws, as well as your surroundings, before you use a weapon of any kind.

What are construed as weapons in the State of Arizona?

Every state differs in its definition of a weapon or firearm. If you are planning on keeping any kind of weapons, then you need to know which ones are allowed and the ones that are not. Listed below are the different types of weapons that can lead to an arrest in Arizona:

Prohibited Weapons – These include all those weapons that have been officially banned by the state of Arizona. Some of the weapons not allowed are sawed-off shot guns, rockets, grenades, poisonous or hazardous gasses and even nun-chucks, among other things.
Deadly Weapons – These are weapons that were specifically designed for lethal purposes. These can include firearms like handguns, rifles, semi-auto machine guns, as well as various types of knives and explosive devices etc.

If you are facing a guns and weapons charge in Arizona, it is advised to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and fight your case.


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