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Professional Licensure Defense Phoenix

Representing Clients Before A Wide Array Of Professional Boards

At certain times in their careers, professionals sometimes face an investigation or complaint against them by an Arizona licensing or regulatory agency or board.

This can result from an arrest, allegation of misconduct or a complaint by a customer, patient or consumer. Professionals also often face prosecution in the criminal court system as well.

Representation in each forum requires individualized knowledge, but the outcome in one forum can affect the result in the other.

This is why individuals facing criminal charges and professional licensing discipline based on the same conduct need an attorney who is knowledgeable of both processes and can work for a resolution that is advantageous in both the criminal court and licensing board or agency.

Experienced Representation On Your Side

If you find yourself at just such a crossroads in your career, the attorneys at Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, can help.

We represent clients before the Arizona State Board of Education, Arizona State Board of Nursing, Arizona Medical Board, Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board and any other professional certifying or licensing board in the state.

Discuss Your Case With An Attorney

If your professional license is on the line or you are facing criminal charges stemming from alleged misconduct, let our lawyers determine the steps you need to take to protect your future.

Schedule your consultation at our Phoenix office today. Call (480) 562-3482 or send us an email. We offer free initial consultations and payment plans and accept credit cards.


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