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Client’s Testimonials

  • Review of Alex LaneMr. Lane is an attentive, experienced and effective lawyer. He knows well the ropes of the legal system in defending DUI cases, and gets the best possible results for his client. In my case, he was able to get a reduced sentence and artfully managed unexpected complications. When I hired him I felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders, as he clearly explained my options, handled all communications with law enforcement and the court, effectively advocated on my behalf, and guided me through the process of complying with the sentence and the law. I highly recommend his services.
    – anonymous
  • thanks to some hardworking honest lawyers my friend will be freeboth mr crowley and alex lane did an excellent job representing my friend in a criminal case in pima county. they were forthright, honest, intelligent, and ardent in their defense. the outcome was as good as possible . i thank and recommend them to anyone in need of such services A+++
    – stan
  • Great lawyer!Mr. Lane was incredibly helpful with my case and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. He will help you out however he can is an utmost professional.
    – anonymous
  • Great lawyer, great outcome!My lawyer did an amazing job representing me. I couldn’t be happier with the result, having the charge against me dropped. He was personable as well as professional, and I had confidence that he would work for the best possible outcome on my behalf.
    – anonymous
  • Highly recommend!I was searching for an attorney to represent my son regarding a probation violation and was connected to Kevin Crowley for a consultation. He immediately gained access to the case and gave me clear and correct information. I felt comfortable with Kevin and knew he was knowledgeable regarding all facets of our case. With Kevin’s perseverance we were given a better than expected judgement. He is a very empathetic person which is evident in how he relates to his clients. I am honored to recommend Kevin to anyone in need of an attorney.
    – anonymous
  • Best Attorney Ever!!!I was facing something I had no idea what was going to happen? I could be facing jail time, maybe even 6 – 8 months. The depression, stress, anxiety of this was very demeaning & demanding with countless sleepless nights. I was referred to Kevin by a mutual friend who had also experienced great success by using him. After my first consultation I immediately felt some relief. Kevin talks to you like a friend vs. a client. Kevin got my case reduced to 1 day in jail & my fines were low in comparison to others that I have spoken with. Also, Leigha the receptionist was very amazing. I have to mention her, as she always returned my calls, kept informed and up to date.
    I can’t say enough about the great job Kevin did helping me through this process step by step and the professionalism I’ve received. I highly recommend Kevin & his team.
    – anonymous
  • Tough Case, Right VerdictI was not optimistic going into my trial. My lawyer did a tremendous job of making the inconsistencies in the testimony of the prosecution’s primary witness obvious to the jury. Along the way his knowledge of the law and cogent arguments led to decisions by the judge that were critical to the not guilty verdict. He was also a great person to work with throughout the nearly year-long ordeal from citation to trial. I highly recommend him to anyone requiring a skilled professional on their side.
    – anonymous
  • Would Recommend AlexWith no priors I faced two felony counts of drug possession. Alex was able to get me into a diversion program expeditiously; if I complete the program my charges will be dismissed within a year. I was impressed with how quickly Alex was able to reach a deal with the prosecutors – I was out of court by lunch on the day of my preliminary hearing and won’t ever have to return so long as I successfully complete my diversion program.
    – anonymous
  • Solid advice and a good defenseKevin was very helpful and attentive throughout my case, as well as easy to get a hold of. Case dismissed!
    – Donald
  • What a lifesaver!! Thanks Alex!Alex helped me when I was in college making stupid mistakes. Not only was he knowledgable and trustworthy but had a genuine concern about my wellbeing. Sometimes he would just call to make sure I knew what was going on and to keep me in the loop with my case so I didn’t worry too much. For these reasons and for the killer results he got me I’ve recommended Alex to several of my friends and colleagues.
    – anonymous
  • Great law firm.Very great to work with. The call backs are very convenient. I would suggest this firm to everyone. I had a very interesting case and they gave me all the information and laws that helped me in my case. Both Alex and Kevin and all employees are willing to help with anything and everything you have questions about. I have nothing but good things to say.
    – Jon
  • A helping hand…Whether it be from the ever helpful, ever polite aides, to the very top of the firm Alex Lane, I always felt any time I called, anyone I talked to, that they were there to personally help me. I know that sounds like some commercial ad, but it was exactly the way I was treated there. I didn’t feel like I was dealing with the stereotypical bloodsucking lawyers. They helped me with issues in or out of the courtroom. They helped with car matters. They helped with matters regarding my professional career. They honestly helped in any way they could. I have nothing but kind words to say about Alex. Him and his firm helped. Period.- Matt
  • Strenuous advocate!I have met many attorneys in my life and only two stand out. Kevin is one of those two. He was non-judgmental towards me and the mess I got myself into, and he strenuously advocated for me. Kevin’s knowledge of the law and his ability to negotiate the legal system was of great benefit to me, and the successful resolution of my situation. I highly recommend Keven for any criminal, DUI and DWI issue that you may have.- Robert
  • Alex Lane Case Performance ReviewI found Alex to be extremely helpful during a very stressful time. His attention to detail and knowledge gave me a complete confidence that I had chosen the correct attorney to handle my case. I found Alex to have the correct balance between aggressive posture and court realities to properly set expectations. The result of the case with Alex negotiating from a DUI charge to a non alcohol offense was exactly where he set my expectations- anonymous
  • Competent, Professional, ReassuringAfter being arrested for a DUI, I was quite upset and unsure how to proceed. I did not know how to plead or what, if found guilty, to expect in terms of jail time, fines, loss of my license, or other repercussions. Kevin Crowley, to my great relief, was able to explain my options and the possible outcomes of those options. He knows the law inside and out which reassured me that I could trust him and feel that I was getting the best possible defense and advocacy. Kevin was also a very good listener and supportive whenever I had questions or raised concerns. In short, Kevin helped me to navigate one of the most upsetting and difficult times in my life. I highly recommend him and would recommend him without hesitation to friends and family in need of a defense lawyer.- Tom
  • Excellent Lawyer…….I was facing an extreme DUI and Alex was able to plea it down to a first offense DUI and get me only 1 day in the TENTS. Alex was informative, didnt over promise and delivered……..Thanks Alex…..- Jeff
  • Best law firm in townKevin was absolutely WONDERFUL to work with. He made the whole process very worry free and was very helpful. I would highly recommend him and his team- anonymous
  • Thank you !!!I would like to Mention that Alex Lane Law Firm has shown great dedication and persistence in holding the law accountable for the truth and justice. I would like specially mention Kevin Crowley who actually took the stress off the shoulders of his client and lead the client to fair and lawful justice. Well Done keep up the great work. Thank you.- anonymous
  • My first DUIKevin was exactly the kind of attorney that I was looking for. He was realistic about my situation and the possible outcomes. He was also empathetic to my situation and showed a lot of compassion. He kept me well informed which eased my fears and anxiety. I never felt like just another DUI case for him. My case turned out better than expected! My DUI charge was lessened to reckless driving and he even handled the DMV courts. My driver’s license was never even suspended after my DUI. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone who gets a DUI. Forever grateful!- anonymous
  • Class-3/6 ReductionMy lawyer kept me informed about my choices regarding decisions needed to be made. He explained the consequences, the expected and any possible court actions which resulted. All precourt sessions were communicated well ahead of their scheduled preceedings. Overall he performed well and represented the needs for which he was hired.
    Although the outcome did not result in a decision for which I was hoping, the resulting plea agreement and reduced sentence was a substantial reduction from the original charge with possible incarceration .- anonymous
  • Case Review for this law firm. I found my lawyer to be extremely helpful during a very stressful time. His attention to detail and knowledge gave me a complete confidence that I had chosen the correct attorney to handle my case. I found Alex to have the correct balance between aggressive posture and court realities to properly set expectations. The result of the case with Alex negotiating from a DUI charge to a non alcohol offense was exactly where he set my expectations- anonymous
  • DUI Case DISMISSED!Kevin Crowley, Alex Lane and the office staff have been a God send and a light throughout the process of my DUI! When I received a DUI for the first time, I was devastated. I had never been in trouble with the law before and felt scared and lost. Kevin and Alex were an amazing team, like Batman and Robin to the rescue. Kevin is extremely knowledgable in the area of DUI Law. Kevin is professional and took his time to answer any questions I had in a timely manner. He is honest, up front and has a genuine concern. He kept me informed throughout this process. He provided scenarios of what could happen and never sugar coated anything. I highly recommend Kevin and his team to anyone in need of a GOOD DUI attorney. My case was dismissed! I couldn’t be happier with the results he delivered!- anonymous
  • Talented lawyer who’s human as wellAlex Lane is wonderful. He is not just a lawyer, but an actual human being as well! Great guy, intelligent, knows his stuff, and will go the extra mile for you and your case. His staff is amazing, courteous, and so helpful as well. Did i mention my case got dropped? Hiring him to handle your case won’t be a mistake: hiring someone else would be.- anonymous
  • He saved my life, best criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix.Prior to hiring Kevin, I retained a big name billboard law firm to handle my complex case. I was very disappointed with their work ethic and was blessed to have found Kevin quickly after. He was very prompt with communication and was always happy to have me coming in for meetings. He showed up early to every court appearance we had and gave me a briefing on what to expect. His work ethic, dedication and experience but my mind at ease.
    Kevin was able to achieve the best possible outcome for my case; I was originally looking at 2.5 years in prison but Kevin was able to secure a 1-year jail sentence WITH work furlough. If you find yourself in a similar situation, Kevin will be the light during your time of darkness. Thank you Kevin for saving my future.- Jason
  • Excellent LawyerI met with Alex for a free consultation, and after meeting with several other attorneys and feeling either like another number or a dollar sign I did not get that impression from Alex. After explaining my situation and need for an actual attorney “instead of a public defender” Alex made me feel very comfortable and even made me laugh a little during our first meeting to try and help ease my stress. He of course took my case very seriously but had a relaxed attitude, with my own footwork and his ability to talk to the prosecutor he was able to make a deal that would keep me out of prison and jail and also got a year taken off my probation. He has a long family history of being in the judicial system, and also shows a long line of compassion and caring for there fellow man. I have no doubt that if you are serious about your legal problems and are willing to do what it takes for your best outcome Alex Lane and all of his associates from his secretaries to his paralegals are all willing to put there best effort into helping Alex get all the info needed to be prepared for your case.
    Bottom line is Alex Lane will fight for you and work to get the best possible outcome.- anonymous
  • Great Council & Guidance for DUIKevin Crowley’s knowledge and expertise in the DUI laws and circumstances allowed me to get through this most unfortunate experience. For sixty plus years I have never been in trouble with the law–but Kevin guidance and reassurances permitted me to understand the process–and most importantly keep the entire thing in perspective. I would never have been able to deal with this situation without his help and support. Yes there are many lawyers out there–but Kevin truly cares for his clients and will pursue every avenue to mitigate the circumstances.- Will
  • Case DismissedIt was 2 years, 4 months since I was pulled over for my DUI and Alex’s office never gave up pursuing an outcome that we were satisfied with. Most attorneys I’ve dealt with in the past urged me to take a plea but in this case, Alex was more than willing to keep pushing the prosecutor for accountability.After another wait with no offer from the prosecutor, we reached the next court date and the best possible outcome was finally decided…case dismissed. I can’t thank Alex Lane, Kevin Crowley and the entire office for their determination and hard work on my case. Here’s hoping that I will never need to be represented again, but if for any reason I need an attorney in the future, I will definitely consult Alex Lane’s office first.

    – Randy

  • When you need one he should be a good oneI have had to engage Mr. Lane in a few situations where my son’s had on separate occasions need council.
    Alex was very helpful from the start and took the initiative as soon as we called to insure we did all the right things and the situations were being handled properly.
    I would recommend him for his knowledge, integrity, and proficiency with the legal system.
    He gets it done and done right.- anonymous
  • Great practice.I had a very interesting circumstance, and Alex Lane and his team were great in handling my issue. I could not ask for better attorneys. Since my circumstance was unique they went above and beyond to answer any questions I had. He was very quick to respond with my questions. In my unique situation, he was able to find all answers in a timely manner. He is very good at what he does. I found his knowledge comes from years of experience from the states point of view, and that gives him view points other lawyers may not have. His attention to detail on the complexity of my case was I found to help me the most. Never once did I feel uncomfortable about my situation. I would suggest Alex Lane a thousand times over. One of the most professional people I have dealt with, and a great spokesman for me. I appreciate what he has done for me.- Jon
  • Fantastic lawyerI hired Kevin to represent me in my criminal speeding case. He was excellent at explaining how the process works and answered any questions I had promptly and clearly. He settled my case with the best possible outcome.- Brandon
  • If You Want the Best, Hire the Best!I have tremendous gratitude for the work Alex Lane put into my son’s DUI/possession case. From day one of hiring, we felt my son was in good hands.
    He went above and beyond working within a tough AZ legal system to get my son’s first time offense reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. He is the go to attorney in times of a legal dilemma such as this. Thank you!!!- Renee
  • Promoting Prison Contraband class 2 felony reduced to misdemeanor paraphernalia.On May 25th of last year, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. With that being said, I made the best decision by having Alex Lane represent me.
    After my arrest, I began to do my research on defense attorneys. I met with about 5 lawyers before my decision to go with Alex Lane. Within the first 5 minutes of speaking with Alex Lane, I knew he was going to be the one to represent me. He was always willing to talk to me and I never felt uncomfortable calling him to ask questions. during my 4 appearances in front of the judge, Alex carried him self like a true professional, never stumbled while speaking and always seemed prepared when speaking on my behalf. Not only did Alex go out of his way to get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor, he also understood that paying any other fees would be detrimental to a college student and made sure I got a new plea before it got moved downtown. Although my case was closed, Alex told me to call him in 9 months and he would try to get my probation dropped. This is why Alex Lane is the lawyer you want to represent you, he always will go the extra mile to make sure you get the best representation possible. HIRE ALEX LANE!!!- anonymous
  • ThankfulBefore thankfully finding Mr Alex Lane, we hired another attorney who made the matter incredibly worse by immediately requesting a plea agreement without having his facts straight. The Felony charge would have followed my son the rest of his life and limited any career he undertook. THEN, I was referred to attorney Alex Lane. We met with Mr. Lane for two hours. Following this, we dismissed the lazy attorney and hired Mr. Lane. On multiple occasions, Mr. Lane spent over an hour interviewing my son in person to be certain he understood every aspect of the case. Mr. Lane also sent regular emails to both my son and to me updating us about his defense ideas and strategy. He included us in every decision, insuring we were truly informed about the possible legal consequences of each course of action we might take.In the end, Mr. Lane accomplished the impossible: He got the State to back away from the original plea bargain entered into by the bad attorney, AND he got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor! I have no doubt that Mr. Lane’s investment in my son’s case made it possible for my son to continue successfully in life. (And, yes, I did counsel my son not to call the Police again.) I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Alex Lane to you. If you would like to speak to me personally, please contact Mr. Lane for my number.

    – anonymous

  • Best law firm out there Alex was an absolutely WONDERFUL lawyer. He and his team did such an awesome job helping me get through this DUI. I would highly recommend him- anonymous
  • Highly Recommended – Extremely Satisfied Kevin Crowley is an excellent Lawyer. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to navigate our case through the Court System very efficiently. Due to his diligence and experience, we received a very favorable outcome. In addition when the courts made an error months after our case was completed Kevin followed up with us to help straighten out the error. We are very impressed with Kevin’s level of commitment and his work ethic. I would highly recommend Kevin Crowley to anyone in need of a lawyer without a doubt.- James
  • Professional, responsive and compassionate our experience with Alex has been top notch in a situation no one wants to find themselves. From the initial call back and interview through the completion of the matter, he has provided accurate, timely, and professional representation. He has a way of providing options and expectations in an honest, not “sugar coated”, yet compassionate way, which is important in criminal defense matters that often affect family members. We experienced “glitches” with the judicial and incarceration processes, none of which were the fault of Alex or his office, and thankfully, he was able to resolve all of them satisfactorily and quickly.
    I have worked for attorneys, with attorneys, and have had many years of experience in various aspects of the judicial system, and I would first recommend Alex to anyone seeking help on a criminal matter.- Leslie
  • Great Criminal Defense Attorney Alex was very helpful in getting my felony knocked down to a misdemeanor. He also took the time to talk to me personally rather than dumping me off on an associate. If I had a question he would get back to me quickly and he explained all possible outcomes to my case in an easy to understand way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.- anonymous
  • The Best Law Office Around!I am young lady who made the mistake to drink and drive. But fortunately, my mother and I found a great lawyer within Alex Lane. We really had no idea how to handle the situation at first, but with the office’s help we were able to muddle through the mess. Prior to my DUI, I never had a run in with the law. The whole process was very overwhelming but the office helped soothe my fears. Alex was very generous since he gave my mother and I a reduced fee and he aways made time for my questions. Believe me when I say I had a plethora of questions. I was never left in the dark about my case. What I appreciated the most is that he never sugar coated anything and was completely honest. If anyone is ever stuck in a DUI rut, the Law Offices of Alex Lane is the perfect place to help you.- anonymous
  • Most honest and trustworthy lawyer in Tucson/Phx Alex Lane is by far the best lawyer I have ever encountered in my life. First and foremost he is an amazing person with a great character and charisma.
    He is very attentive, listens to every single minute detail and answers every single question you might have as a client.
    Mine was a DUI case 0.92 BAC and he got the judge to write it off as 2 minor traffic violations. The Judge, from my research was known to be the strictest in Tucson for DUI cases. There are not many lawyers out there that can pull this kind of stuff off. Believe me, I have done a great deal of research when it came to finding the best lawyer in Phoenix/Tucson area and he is by far the best out there in handling DUI cases. Most of the times I found DUI lawyers just take advantage of the strict laws in AZ by promising things that they may not be able to deliver. But Alex is the kind of lawyer who leaves nothing to chances, percentages etc. He will tell you the probable outcome with honesty and will fight 100% to deliver his best.
    DUI was the biggest offence I have ever made in my life except a speeding ticket and I thought everything was over. Alex got me out of it and I owe it his exceptional skills and honesty.- anonymous
  • hard working lawyer saved my friend. she will be freean excellent legal experience. honest ardent and a fighter for justice. the outcome was MUCH BETTER than could have been expected. highly recommend for anyone in need of such services- stan
  • THE lawyer you wantI knew I needed a lawyer, but wasn’t sure who to hire or even where to start. I was looking for that top-notch lawyer that wouldn’t bankrupt me. I interviewed four Phoenix lawyers that were highly rated on Alex Lane, however, listened carefully to my case, and provided his recommendations and suggestions first before stating his extensive background and experience. I chose Alex for his confidence, background as a prosecutor, experience as a defense attorney, and his charisma. From then on, Alex and his staff always let me know what was happening with the court dates, the blood test results, and the negotiations, as well as what I could do to help build my character on paper. I always felt like we had our ducks in a row, and we were ready for each and every step along the way. The staff called to remind me of upcoming events, and that was a welcome reminder when you feel like your life is on the line. Clearly they put an emphasis on not dropping the ball.I had thought that the reckless driving conviction would limit my job opportunities, but less than two months after the conclusion of the case, I received a job offer at my top choice. It took a lot of work, as getting through any DUI inevitably will, but I am convinced that this job would not be possible if it wasn’t for Alex’s expertise, persistence, and charisma. Thank you Alex! You saved my career!

    – Dan

  • In Alex you would find your best friend who happens to be a highly knowledgeable lawyerI hired Alex after talking to other three lawyers. One thing that distinguished him from others was that he was honest, direct, and realistic with available options during my initial consultation. And that is when I decided to hire him. If you’re reading this web site, most likely this is your very first encounter with a difficult legal situation and it is very important that you get an honest assessment of your options.Alex did an excellent work on my case. He kept me informed throughout the process. During entire legal process, I never had any second thought on my decision on hiring him.

    I found him and his staff very responsive. Whenever I had any concern or any forthcoming court dates, he was available to talk to me over phone and in person. After the successful conclusion of my case, he offered help to clean up my MVD record.

    I am glad that I hired Alex to defend me and would strongly recommend anyone to see him before making a final decision on your legal representation.

    – PKK

  • If you need a great attorney, call Alex Lane! As a retired judge, I can say with absolute confidence that Alex Lane is an extremely competent and knowledgeable attorney. When our 22-year-old daughter was arrested on an aggravated DUI charge last year in Mesa, we immediately turned to Alex Lane for legal assistance. Not only is his entire staff knowledgeable, competent and caring, but Mr. Lane is/was responsive and made himself available to meet or speak personally with us on many occasions. Our daughter’s case was quite serious and required a great deal of maneuvering within the court system since she was scheduled to study abroad and would be leaving the U.S. at the same time that she was required to make appearances in court. Long story short: Mr. Lane and his staff did an admirable job of quieting our frayed and jangled nerves while answering our many phone calls and questions, and proved themselves to be extremely competent in meeting the challenges we encountered as we moved through the court system. Now that our DUI ordeal is behind us, we can’t imagine how things might have turned out had we not chosen Mr. Lane as our attorney, but feel very fortunate to have engaged his legal counsel. Based on our daughter’s personal experience, as well as on my professional experience as a judge who has shared a courtroom with many attorneys, I would definitely recommend Alex Lane and the staff.- Cliff
  • AN EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR CRIMINAL DEFENSE! YOU CAN TRUST ALEX LANE! This is something not easy to say about many attorneys who practice in the criminal justice system. Not only was he competent, professional, and knowledgeable he was compassionate when I needed emotional support. In addition, his staff of para-legals and receptionists were very responsive and attentive to all the details of my case and continued to follow up after the successful conclusion of my case. If I was a lawyer Alex Lane would be my role model!- anonymous
  • Outstanding Representation Provided timely information. Truly felt he had our best interest at the forefront. Honest and very caring. Provided a “paternal” approach to the daughter that he was representing. I was very satisfied with the outcome that Alex was able to negotiate with the court PRIOR to trial. Would highly recommend him to those that need an attorney that they can honestly place their trust and faith.- Dan
  • I needed competence, discretion, and a favorable resolution……..In my profession, it is imperative that I maintain an impeccable public record. After a significant driving incident, I found myself in a situation that, if not handled correctly, could have serious consequences professionally. I was referred to Alex Lane’s office by a trusted friend. I needed competence, discretion, and a favorable resolution. I met with Alex personally very soon after my initial contact with his office. Alex was clear and concise with the process and potential outcomes. And through the process, Alex, and the entire staff always maintained a level of professionalism that gave me confidence in a successful resolution. Every contact with his office was met with intent and purpose…… and of equal importance, a pleasant attitude. And, ultimately, my case closed with a successful resolution. I would gladly recommend Alex Lane and his staff…..- anonymous
  • Life Saver Alex helped me dodge not one, but two bullets in court. He was professional, knowledgeable and always kept me in the loop. He worked up to the very day of court, which made all the difference. He’s my go to recommendation to all my friends.- anonymous
  • Criminal Traffic ChargeAlex recently helped me with a criminal traffic charge. I was extremely satisfied with his services and would highly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. I never had to go to court, Alex and his assistants handled every aspect of my case. Alex regularly communicated with me by phone and email and provided me with in depth information at every step of my court process. If you are looking for an honest and trust worthy lawyer who will fully explain your options, walk you through the process and go above and beyond for your case then I would highly recommend Alex Lane. Alex worked extremely hard on my criminal case and always remained positive and upbeat.- anonymous
  • Excellent and a No-Brainer Choice…I promise you will be happy with the result when you choose Alex Lane. Alex and his staff are stellar. All criminal charges were dropped and I never had to step foot in a court room.- anonymous
  • Alex Lane is an Amazing Father, Person and Attorney. I Highly Recommend Him for Representation.My case was very traumatic for my family. Hiring Alex for representation made all the difference. He was very professional, but he also took a personal interest in me as an individual. He shared some personal experiences of his own with me, which established trust between us and I felt confident he had my best interest in mind. Before and After each mediation or hearing, he spent much time with me explaining everything. I trusted his judgment completely. He encouraged me throughout the whole process, and I am not sure if I would of held up as well as I did without Him. He alleviated a lot of the pressure and stress I was under because I knew he would do what ever necessary to win my case. Alex is Personable, Professional, Assertive, Confident, Successful, and Knowledgeable, yet Sensitive and Kind. Since meeting Alex, I have remained in good standing with him. I have sent 3 people to him with things they have encountered in their lives that need representation for, because I have complete confidence in him. They were all very satisfied with his work as well. My Daughter just started college and plans to attend law school also. Alex has even graciously agreed to allow her to come and do some volunteer or internship there at some point. He is a Remarkable Attorney and Individual and I would recommend him and will continue to recommend him to anyone!- Gayle
  • Would recommend to anyone facing DUI charges.I was arrested for a second DUI last August, and although the first was in a different state and aged a bit (6 years), I could have still been charged with not only the second DUI, but potentially a 2nd offense extreme DUI. Alex and his team took care of it and got the lowest possible DUI charge with lowest possible penalties.During the process they have always been quick to respond to any of my questions and inquiries. If they couldn’t take the call right away, they would give me a call back as soon as possible. Even still, as I go through the confusing license sanctions and penalty phase, they have always been available for any questions. As Alex said when we left the court house, “It’s not over for me, until it’s over for you.” He’s a good, likable guy, who works hard for his clients and gets great results.

    I would recommend him to anyone phasing DUI charges.

    Thanks again, Alex and staff.

    – JH

  • Alex did a great job for our son…Alex was able to get our son’s dwi/ dui pleaded down to a wreckless. A DWI could of had terrible consequences for him as our family is going through a green card procedure. We later recommended Alex to a boy who goes to University with our son. He was able to get an extreme DUI pleaded down to a regular (which is very difficult to do in this jurisdiction). Both experiences with Alex went well, and he was continually updating us and making himself available to address our concerns.- anonymous
  • My college age daughter DUIMy daughter is a sophomore at ASU and recently got a DUI. I was recommended to Alex Lane by a personal friend. I interviewed 2 other attorneys and selected Alex Lane based on his extensive experience as well as his demeanor. His handling of the case was extremely professional and we were very pleased with the outcome. A memorable aspect of my experience was the way he seemed to genuinely care about my daughter. He didn’t candy coat things but assured her that this could be a learning experience if she chose to make it one. This is something she desperately needed to hear at the time. I can’t imagine a better attorney to handle a DUI case.- anonymous
  • You will not regret hiring Alex!! He is the BEST!I hired Alex after intensive research for a lawyer. He was very knowledgeable and gave me a sense of peace in a very stressful time in my life by giving me examples of the types of outcomes I would be facing. This was my first conviction and he calmly explained the judicial process so that I understood what to expect. I was facing 5+ years in prison and he was able to reduce my sentence down to 2.5 years with his legal expertise and his respected reputation within the courts. While I served my time I met other inmates who had similar charges as mine and they all got 6+ yrs and some even 10 yrs! I can not Thank Alex enough for all he has done for me during the whole process. He returns calls fast and does what he says he going to do. He is friendly and can put you at ease right after meeting you. He is someone you can trust and rely on.- anonymous
  • Well known and respected Lawyer, 100% recommendedI was arrested for possession of marijuana and hired another criminal attorney who did not do anything for my case; I ended up paying close to US1,000 to him, just for checking with the police dept. and court about my case over the phone, which I could have done myself. The papers from the court took almost a year to arrive, and once I got them, I called this attorney and left a message with his assistant. It took him a week to call me back, so I immediately started looking for another attorney and found Alex.I explained my case and my previous experience with the other attorney to Alex and he immediately made me more comfortable about the possible outcomes of my case. and assured me that he will be on top of things and that I will speak with him every time I call, not his assistant. He has a great sense of humor and likes to break the ice with a joke or story just to make you feel more comfortable, and it works.

    The way Alex talked to the judge, the TASC people, and the way the judge talked to Alex made me realized that he is well respected and known in that court.

    The outcome of my case was the best. Charges were dismissed and even after my case was close, Alex called just to follow up on things, again with his good sense of humor. He told me i could consider him my lawyer and that if i ever run into trouble I could call him to his cell phone at anytime. I hope I don’t have to call him ever… but is good to know that I have a good lawyer now, just in case.

    Up until Alex, my previous experiences with lawyers were very bad.

    100% recommended!

    – anonymous

  • Great outcome!If you want a lawyer who is knowledgeable, genuine and trustworthy, Alex is the one you want defending you. He will do everything he can to help your case come out with the best results possible. He helped me to get a DUI dismissed and took good care of me through the whole process.- anonymous
  • Hire This Lawyer!!!I was in a lot of trouble when I met Alex. I had hired another attorney that was taking a really passive approach to my case. I was scared! I interviewed several other attorneys looking for someone who was actually going to help me. Ironically, he was recommended by a prosecutor. ( Not in my district). Alex was professional, truthful, and very effective. He accomplished way beyond my expectations for my case. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who needs strong and personalized representation.- anonymous
  • Dui/Reckless driving defenseAlex, was great to work with was very considerate. I was able to call him two years later and he was still so gracious in answering my questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney for dui/dwi or criminal defense. He is a hardworking attorney on your side. Truly cares for his clients.- Eva
  • Great Attorney! Hire Immediately!Well, he was a great lawyer. He was honest and direct from the beginning, there every step of the way. The plea I entered with Alex’s help and advice was much better than what could have happened. He also got a charge dismissed that would have required I go to trial without Alex’s help. I was very pleased by this. That was very nice of him. And I’d recommend Alex Lane to anyone with a DUI charge in Tempe.- Laurie
  • Alex Lane and his firm is a 10 without a doubt!Alex Lane and his offices score perfectly in my book. Alex and his staff are completely 100% professional and showed genuine empathy towards my situation. The second I met Alex I knew instantly I had his support and will help me through my tough time. He not only represented me legally, more importantly he represented me personally and gave sound advice on how to deal with my situation on a number of differently levels. Alex and his team was on top of my situation the second I met Alex. The outcome of my situation turned out far better than I expected in a very short amount of time. His knowledge of the legal system, professionalism and ability to connect to me and my situation is why his firm is a 10 without a doubt. The human empathetic side of Alex distinguishes him from his peers and competition. He was there from the start to the end and ill never forget his positive attitude and the brilliance he has. Ill always thank Alex his team for what they did for me. I was extraordinarily lucky I had Alex and his team represent me. Not going with his law offices would sell yourself short with whatever your situation is.- anonymous
  • HIRE ALEX!My son was recently charged with an extreme DUI in AZ, two years ago he was charged with a DUI in New Mexico. I knew I had to hire a Lawyer for my son. I interviewed several Lawyers in the Valley and Alex Lane came across to me as experienced and able to handle the issues involved in my son’s case. I read reviews of several Lawyers and noticed that Alex has dealt with difficult cases, including another DUI case from NM.One Lawyer we interviewed was not sure how to handle this case. This same Lawyer told my son he was in big trouble and he was looking at 2 years in jail or prison, another Lawyer said my son was looking at 30 days in jail then maybe house arrest. Alex Lane told us NM had different statutes and he would be able to help my son. Alex was able to get my son 6 days in jail and 24 days under house arrest, the AZ DUI was charged as a 1st DUI offense.

    My son and I were very pleased with this outcome. I hired Alex Lane based on our initial meeting and he followed through on what he said he could do. I highly recommend Alex Lane; he is experienced, knowledgeable and confident in his representation.

    – anonymous

  • Thank You Alex ..Amazing Attorney &Awesome ResultsAlex was Awesome in helping me with my case in which another law firm treated me like a number & a pay check..I went with them in my desperation & ignorance. Today I had a summons in which i needed to appear and explain my case. I was charged with Non Compliance for Jail… Help !! I was a mess & thought the worst. I called other attorneys whom gave me the brush off ..wanted $1000 -2500 to go with me & i just didnt know where to turn. Finally..what a was to talk to Alex! He was reassuring & met me at court before 4 & handled things like a TRUE PRO! Wow words dont do justice with how he effortlessly handled my case & even had the judge laugh with his charm..Smooth Operator..The Best..I will keep in touch as i have some other issues that need to be addressed. My case went great & i felt so relieved & grateful for his expertise. THANK YOU !!- Heidi
  • Alex is very knowledgable!My fiance and I were very impressed at the quality of service we recieved. My fiance has never had any problems with the Law before so it was a relief to have Alex be so knowledgeable, understanding and kept us informed. My fiance, thanks to Alex, received an even better sentence then we were anticipating. Money was well spent. We enjoyed that Alex was very personable, and respectful. THANK YOU for your assistance!- The Yados
  • misdemeanor chargeAlex helped me during a difficult time an was able to have my charges reduced and prove to the judge the truth.- Will
  • Alex is the man. Thanks again for your help.I needed some legal advice as to how to take on some criminal traffic tickets I had received from Peoria P.D, and Alex spent almost a half an hour out of his busy schedule that day on the phone with me explaining to me how to go about handling these citations i had gotten. If I were to hire a traffic lawyer this ould be the man to go to. He has high ratings across the board and obviously wasnt just out there to take my money thanks Alex- anonymous
  • HelpfulI was looking for a second opinion on my case and found Alex. Although he knew I would not be retaining his services, he went above and beyond to share helpful, personal advice on how to work better with my current attorney. He actively listened to all the information in my case and offered me a fresh perspective. His helpfulness and willingness to share helped recharge me for another round in my criminal case.- Brandon
  • Successful petition to change Condition of Probation – DUI Court programA nephew needed the requirement to attend the DUI Court program removed from his Conditions of Probation to qualify for a transfer of probation to another state. I searched the Internet, found Alex Lane, was impressed with his credentials and experience. We met within 24 hours of contacting his office. Alex led us through the process of creating the reference documents that were submitted to the judge. He kept in contact until the court appearance, did a wonderful job prepping us and speaking on our behalf. The DA failed to appear the 1st date, when we returned, Alex handled everything in the judge’s chambers. Our petition was granted. Alex’s work was instrumental in our success. He is extremely professional in his approach and will tell you the truth about your options and potential outcome. I would hire him again without hesitation. I thought his rate was reasonable and even though the case is technically over, he has made himself available to help with the transfer process if we run into new barriers. I felt at ease talking with Alex and felt he had our best interests in mind throughout the case. Sometimes, it is not what you know, but who you know that carries the day. I felt Alex had the contacts we needed to be successful and we were. He has helped to change my nephew’s life…I cannot thank him enough.- Jane
  • Previous ClientAlex was a very knowledgeable, aggressive in a good sense as he left no stones unturned nor opportunities lost to represent me in a very positive way. I have referred Alex to 4 of my friends and colleagues who have received the same excellent service. Don’t believe all the commercials out there with the firms who say what they will do but choose the person who walks the talk and does what he says he will do!- B
  • Great lawyer!Mr. Lane was incredibly helpful with my case and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. He will help you out however he can is an utmost professional.- anonymous
  • An attorney with integrityAlex defended my son in a drug related case. He was professional at all times and sensitive to our needs. We would highly recommend Alex Lane to anyone. Great job, Alex!- anonymous
  • Amazing and PersonableI called a few of the “Big Name” lawyers that had the huge ads and of course, I only got their secretary on the phone and all they would talk about is how much it would cost me. I had just about given up and decided to call one more number. It was after 5pm and I didn’t even think I would get anyone on the phone… but I did. Alex got on the phone with me immediately. He sat there and listened to me explain the case and then he did something that surprised me. He asked me to come down to his office even though it was closed. I was amazed. I walked in and he shook my hand and the first thing he said was ” Everything is going to be ok” I took a deep breath and just trusted him. I stayed in his office for about an hour explaining my fiance’s side and listening to Alex explain in detail the way that everything would go. By the time I left his office I felt so relieved to have someone stand up for my fiance.  I have referred him many times to anyone that is in need of a great lawyer. And I hope any of you reading this will hire him as well. Thanks again Alex, you set yourself apart from all of the other lawyers and it did NOT go un noticed.- Stephanie
  • Alex H LaneI was very satisfied with our conversation concerning my particular legal situation Attorney Lane was honest and straight forward which is a rare today in our money driven society, I was gave very good advice which was well appreciated.- David
  • EXCELLENTUnder unfavorable circumstances, Alex and his staff were great. From the first call to the trials conclusion, never once did I lack confidence that they knew how to best proceed with the trial. His staff diligently pursued witnesses positive to my testimony and Alex articulately represented myself in a manner that was impressive to see. He showed great knowledge of judicial procedures. There is not a question in my mind that I made the right decision by choosing Alex and his staff to represent me.- JB
  • criminal misdemeanorHe is defending me in a misdemeanor case.For an issue which could have become something bigger, he is very effective.

    Alex knows his terrain well and holds his turf.

    – Dave

  • Excellent, Knowledgeable Attorney with an Exceptional StaffFrom the minute that I walked into Alex’s office and met with him, I knew he was the Attorney that was going to work for me. His soothing personality, caring attitude, not being treated as number and just a paycheck was very prevalent. Alex and his staff are extremely knowledgable. He went above and beyond all of my expectations and his staff kept me informed about everything that was going on. He gave me the most utmost confidence through out my case. I highly recommend Alex and his staff! This review comes with an extremely high recommendation to hire Alex if you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable Criminal/DUI Attorney. Kudos to him and his staff for an exceptional job on my Disorderly Conduct/DV case.- Dawn
  • Thanks Alex and staffI used Alex Lane for early termination of probation. I was given 20 years and Alex was able to get it terminated after 8 years. Other Lawyers in the courtroom were very theatrical and dramatic. Alex was calm and respectful. Alex and his staff were very respectful of me and always kept in contact with me. I felt comfortable from the first time I met him. I really wish that Alex would have represented me when I was going through the system originally instead of the Lawyer I chose then.- Kevin
  • Review2 years ago I was charged with 3 misdemeanor charges and I pretty much thought that is the end of my life, professional at the least. As an accountant I would not have much credibility with a criminal record. Alex saved me. He got all charges diverted, all I need to do was take educational classes and all charges were dropped. It was one of the best days of my life thanks to Alex. He is great lawyer and I recommend him to anyone in trouble.- Barbara
  • Alex is a great lawyer. Hire him!!I’m so glad I hired Alex to defend me. I truly felt he went above and beyond to help me, and I could not have been happier with how he handled my case. I was charged with a class 1 misdemeanor and Alex got the prosecutor to dismiss the charge. I would highly recommend him to anyone charged with a crime.Alex is very enthusiastic and articulate. He gave me sound advice and genuinely seemed to care about me and my case and about resolving my case with the best possible outcome. His staff were friendly and they always answered my calls and kept me updated about my case.

    If you have been charged with a crime, hire Alex Lane to defend you. He will be treat you with respect, be honest and upfront, and fight to get you the best possible result.

    – Marc

  • Great defenseAlex, and his staff are all top notch, his knowledge of the maricopa legal system allowed us to make moves prior to court time, I am very pleased w/ the service and representation he provided- Brandon
  • Lane hits homerun in dui case!Alex was an amazing lawyer, always kept me informed on what was going on with my case, and got my dui charge completely dropped. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.- Ashley
  • Lane and Associates a great firm!! Thanks Alex!!!!Alex and his staff were excellent!! I always knew what was going on and he was very upfront. Fair, fair, fair!! He really does treat you and your case so you feel valued. We came up with the best game plan we could under the circumstances I was a client not a pay check. I highly recommend him!! Things can get complicated and there is no way I would go through this process with out him.- Dr. Dave
  • Excellent attorney My attorney was able to negotiate a plea that allowed for a second chance to make things right. He is professional aggressive and caring. Thanks for the professional representation!!!- anonymous
  • A good choice After my DUI I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney or not, I’m glad I got one. Alex took time to look over the police report with me and found errors that help reduce my extreme DUI down to a DUI. Alex also answered all of my questions and kept me involved in my case. I do recommend getting an attorney and I would recommend Alex Lane if you facing DUI charges.- Rick
  • 5 stars Alex Lane is what you’d expect to get when you think of a great lawyer. He was prompt, precise, and knew his way around his profession. We set a goal of what we wanted and achieved it. Alex lane did not run away after the verdict. He will be at your side if needed untill the case is fully closed. I definitely recommend Alex lane for dui needs, my case was brought down to a regular dui after being cited with a extreme. Everything worked out as I hoped for and was glad Alex lane was defending me.- anonymous


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