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Unlawful Discharge Of A Firearm

Penalties for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm in Phoenix

Unlawful discharge of a firearm is a Class 6 felony. You could face charges if the state finds a person who, with criminal negligence, discharges a firearm within or into the limits of any municipality.

At Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, we strive to relieve you of your anxiety. With almost 40 years of combined experience between our lawyers, we know how to fight violent criminal charges. We are committed to thoroughly investigating your case, anticipating the strategy of the prosecution, and fighting to protect your rights.

The Potential Penalties Of A Gun Crime Conviction in Phoenix

If charged as a Class 6 felony nondangerous offense, you could face a jail term of .5 to 1.5 years with probation eligible as a first offense, one year to 2.25 years with one historical prior, and three to 4.5 years with two historical priors.

If charged as a Class 6 felony dangerous offense, you could face a jail term of 1.5 to three years as a first offense, three to 4.5 years with one historical dangerous prior, and 4.5 to six years with two historical priors.

Possible defenses to these charges include Miranda rights violation, denial of the right to counsel, accidental discharge, and more. We will investigate your case to determine the state’s weaknesses and your strengths.

The Advantage We Can Provide To Your Case

As a former Arizona prosecutor, Phoenix criminal defense attorney Alex Lane has unique insights into the strategies of prosecutors, law enforcement officials, and more. He can bring this experience to the table to defend you and provide a distinct advantage to your case.

We are experienced in representing clients who face complex possession of deadly weapon offenses. We know how to investigate such matters and exploit weaknesses in the state’s case to benefit you. We also can consult with several forensic experts to build a strong defense.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

When you face charges involving a firearm, our aggressive attorneys can defend you and your rights. For your convenience, we offer free initial consultations, our lowest rates, and payment plans. Contact our Phoenix office to learn how we can assist you. Schedule your consultation by calling (480) 562-3482 or by sending us an email.


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