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Possession Of Marijuana

Understanding Marijuana Possession Charges In Arizona

Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the country when it comes to possession of marijuana. While many states have decriminalized or even legalized possession of marijuana or medical marijuana, possession of any “usable quantity” in Arizona can lead to a felony charge.

Those convicted of first- or second-time possession of marijuana in an amount less than 2 pounds will likely be eligible for a probationary sentence.

However, possession at or above the “threshold amount” of marijuana means that the police will likely assume that you are possessing that marijuana for sale.

It is critical to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Our Strategy In The Courtroom

With almost 40 years of combined experience, our lawyers at Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, are skilled in determining an appropriate courtroom strategy for cases involving drug crimes.

To secure a conviction, the state must show that a person possessed the marijuana “knowingly.” If the state can show that the marijuana was left by a friend, roommate or someone else and the defendant was unaware, a dismissal or not guilty verdict is possible.

Further, police often locate the marijuana during an unconstitutional search, whether it be of someone’s vehicle, home or person. If this occurs, we may be able to get the evidence suppressed.

A thorough investigation by our skilled marijuana possession attorneys could reveal additional defenses to help you.

Pursuing Alternatives To Steep Consequences When Possible

Our team may also be able to negotiate a resolution to your case that will reduce the charges to a misdemeanor or gain you entry into the TASC program, a deferred prosecution program, which allows a person to earn a dismissal of their charges by submitting to random drug tests and complete a drug education course.

Upon completion of the program, the charges will be dismissed and the prosecutor can never refile the same charges.

Get An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

After an arrest on possession of marijuana charges, exercise your right to remain silent as well as your right to counsel.

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