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Mom Leaves 2 Sons In Her Car

When Shanesha Taylor, a 35-year-old homeless mother, left her two children in a hot car, it was not because she was abusive. She was actually going for a job interview and made the tough decision to lock her children in so they would be safe. Nevertheless, when someone noticed the children in the car they called the authorities, and Shanesha was charged with felony child abuse.

The case drew national attention, with many people believing that the mother was just trying to do the best for her family by looking for a job. Various individuals sent a total of $115,000 in donations to the homeless family. Due to the attention the case was receiving, Maricopa County decided not to charge the mother with child abuse, but rather chose to drop the charges if she set up trust funds for her children and completed a parenting and substance abuse treatment program.

The Maricopa County attorney, Bill Montgomery, believes that the deal the court and Ms. Taylor reached will still hold her accountable for her actions, but also “recognize the best interest of her family.” The children were placed in foster care after she was arrested and she is currently seeking custody of the two boys again.

Child Endangerment: Misdemeanor or Felony

Endangerment of a child can be charged in two different ways: a class six felony or class one misdemeanour. A class six felony could be issued if there is a risk of imminent death, whereas a class one misdemeanour involves putting someone in danger of the risk of imminent death. A class 6 felony can carry a jail term of between 1.5 years and six years. Class one misdemeanours can carry a $2,500 fine.

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