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Other Criminal Offenses

Knowledgeable, Skilled Legal Guidance During This Stressful Time

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. You may be unsure of what to expect or whether you face any trouble at all.

Whether you are under investigation or have been charged, seeking a knowledgeable attorney to guide you throughout a turbulent time is essential.

The attorneys at Lane, Hupp, & Crowley, PLC, have almost 40 years of combined experience in defending a wide array of criminal charges, both misdemeanors and felonies. We understand what is at stake and treat each case with the thorough, detailed and aggressive guidance it deserves.

Representing Clients In A Wide Array Of Criminal Charges

We assist clients across Arizona with a wide array of criminal offenses, violations and investigations, including:

  • Disorderly conduct. Such allegations can involve violent or disruptive behavior, making unreasonable noise, using offensive language and more.
  • Offenses involving endangerment of another. For endangerment charges, Arizona law states that the offense must involve the significant risk of imminent injury or death to the victim.
  • Prearrest investigations. You may be unsure when to consult with an attorney. We can provide proactive representation, preparing for when charges come.
  • Probation violations. While violating a probationary term may seem inconsequential, it can result in serious penalties when strict rules and terms are broken.

Consequences, including jail time, steep fines, probation and more can all result from a conviction.

Why Work With An Attorney?

If you are facing charges, you may assume that you can work directly with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea or agreement with the need to hire a lawyer.

If you suspect you are under investigation but are unsure, you may think contacting an attorney is premature or unnecessary at the time.

However, speaking with an attorney, one who knows the law, can provide clarity, knowledge, and relief. Navigating the criminal justice system alone can be intense and unsettling. At our firm, we can provide the sound guidance you need to mitigate any potential consequences.

Discuss Your Case With Our Team

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