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Man stopped for windshield obstructions faces drug charges

The mindset that a person has when he or she approaches a serious problem could make a difference in the results of dealing with that problem. When confronted with criminal charges, some individuals may immediately feel as if they are stuck in an ordeal that they will not be able to get out of. However, if parties set their minds to working toward the best possible outcomes for cases involving drug charges, they may feel more in control.

One man may be working to set his mind to the right course of action after recently being taken into custody in Arizona. According to reports, officers stopped the man’s vehicle after noticing that he had windshield obstructions, including a radar detector. During the stop, an officer allegedly felt that the man was more nervous than necessary for a standard traffic stop. The man also purportedly gave differing accounts of why he was traveling.

The officer apparently asked the man if he was transporting drugs, which the man denied. A K-9 was then utilized and reportedly indicated that drugs may be inside the vehicle. After conducting a search, officers allegedly found methamphetamine and other narcotics inside a duffle bag that was in the man’s trunk. The substances reportedly tested as methamphetamine and heroin. The man is now facing criminal charges for possession of narcotics for sale, transportation of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of dangerous drugs and other allegations.

Though the man undoubtedly feels overwhelmed by the drug charges brought against him, he does not have to feel as if his case is over before it even begins. Getting in the right mindset may allow the man to feel motivated to find the best criminal defense options for the allegations. It may also be wise for him to remember that he does not have to try to work through the situation alone and to gain information on the Arizona laws relating to his case.


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