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Gun Laws In U.S And The Best States For Gun Owners

Gun violence is not new news in the United States. As gun violence has increased significantly over the last couple of years, the local authorities are coming up with new regulations to control gun violence. However, while imposing new rules and regulations, we also must avoid over-the-top restrictions for respectful gun owners. If you are a gun owner, you can understand what the laws say in such cases when you speak to a criminal defense lawyer in your state.

The law requires that every state have regulations for firearm purchase. This involves a background check on any person purchasing a gun. However, some loopholes allow individuals to sidestep these control measures. A few states in the United States have set strict laws to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands. Some states, such as Montana and Idaho, have weak gun controls. Therefore these two states can be the best places for gun owners.

The Factors Used To Determine The Best States For Gun Owners

All states vary when it comes to comparing the parameters around gun-owning. Some states will weigh better than others depending on the factors deemed more important to gun owners. These bases of comparison involve:

Waiting period

This is the period that consumers must wait before they can receive firearms. The waiting period may vary from no waiting time to complex gun ownership processes that may extend the waiting time. The waiting time might be extended due to complicated registration procedures, interviews, permit applications, and the final approval from the government.

Background Checks

The federal law requires licensed firearm dealers to conduct a thorough background check on consumers intending to buy firearms. However, the same rule doesn’t apply to private transactions. The universal background checks are designed to mandate background checks for all gun purchases regardless of the licensed dealer. However, they find these laws overreaching in gun-friendly states.

The Right To Carry

Different states have different laws regarding carrying firearms. Some laws prevent carrying firearms and carrying a concealed weapon (CCW). This may be an effective way to reduce gun violence. Most states with strict firearm regulations pass legislation to introduce restrictions that most consumers find impractical and inconvenient. The states with narrow limits and those practicing constitutional carry laws are the most preferred by gun owners.

Restrictions And Bans

To limit firearms availability to irresponsible gun owners, most states try to place bans on certain types of firearms. However, in doing so, they might prevent access to all consumers. The limitations may include restrictions on the magazine capacity and a ban on certain types of rifles that are considered assault weapons.

Gun Culture

Another factor most gun owners consider is the level of gun culture within states. A few things can determine this:

  • The acceptance of firearms in the state’s residents everyday life
  • The political of the state
  • The number and size of hunting grounds and shooting ranges available in the state

The Most Restrictive States For Gun Owners

The state with the most restrictive gun laws and the worst place for responsible gun owners in New York. This is because the state has implemented many restrictions and limitations that even responsible gun owners are subjected to. Other states include:

  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Massachusetts
  • New jersey
  • Maryland

The above states understand how crucial gun control is.

The Best States For Responsible Gun Owners

The states conducive to responsible gun owners are considered gun-friendly and rated high based on the most important factors to gun owners. They have few limitations and fewer restrictions on gun laws.


According to many firearm consumers, Alaska is one of the best states in the United States for responsible firearm operators. They have basic federal laws related to firearms regulations and limited or no state regulations on gun ownership. Additionally, any individual purchasing firearms also enjoy the following benefits:

  • No waiting periods
  • No bans and restrictions on assault weapons
  • No universal background checks
  • No limits on magazine capacity
  • Open carry for all types of firearms
  • Conceal carry privileges

Also, when it comes to gun-culture strength, Alaska has a widespread acceptance of firearms. The citizens of Alaska prefer to look at guns not as a tool for destruction but as a daily tool that allows them to lead a usual way of life.


Just like Alaska, Arizona has massive levels of firearms acceptance of firearms as a state’s culture. Over 40% of households in Arizona hold at least one gun. The state has fewer gun regulation laws which give its citizens the power to do the right thing without strict regulations. Firearm ownership in Arizona is a way of life; the state authorities benefit from the doubt on gun owners to operate firearms safely and with limited supervision.


Although the state of Montana Had stricter written laws regarding concealed carry provisions, they are almost like a formality as they do not put complex procedures and scrutiny to gun ownership. Being a rural state, the citizens of Montana feel safer owning and carrying guns.
Most rural states have significant progressive policies regarding firearm ownership and gun freedom. Such states such as Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana allow gun owners to open or conceal carry their firearms at their own choice.

The Take Away

The gun ownership culture strength for most states is still low. The ease of restrictions is still hopeful, with more states joining D.C on easing restrictions. This may be the beginning of a change in people’s perceptions of gun ownership as time goes on. However, more empowerment is required for responsible gun practice. If you face criminal accusations for defaulting gun ownership laws, a criminal defense lawyer from Lane, Hupp & Crowley may be of assistance. Reach out to them at to talk to a lawyer.

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