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Fentanyl bust results in drug charges for 3 in Arizona

Feelings of anxiety can overwhelm anyone who is facing criminal charges. They may not know what their future will hold or the best way to handle the drug charges they face. Though it can be difficult to rein in these emotions, doing so may help accused parties keep a clear head when making important decisions about their defenses.

Three individuals in Arizona likely have concerns about their futures after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, authorities allegedly witnessed a transaction in the parking lot of a mall that they believed was a drug deal. It was unclear whether the suspects were already under observation, but it was noted that sheriff’s detectives and investigators from the Department of Homeland Security were involved in the reported bust. After making the observations, the investigators approached the individuals, and at least two of the parties attempted to flee the scene.

Authorities apprehended all three individuals. Recently, a grand jury indicted the two men and one woman on charges of felony conspiracy, transportation of narcotic drugs for sale, illegally conducting an enterprise and other allegations. It was noted that thousands of fentanyl pills were allegedly discovered by investigators.

Feelings of dread may be affecting these Arizona suspects, but it may help them to remember that indictments do not mean they are guilty of the drug charges brought against them. They still have the right to defend against the allegations as they see fit. Exploring their legal options could help each person accused in this case find the defense route with which he or she feels most comfortable.


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