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Charges brought against Arizona man in cellphone theft case

Finding the best way to handle a given situation can be a difficult task. It may become even more of a challenge when the predicament involves handling criminal charges for theft. Individuals typically have various ways in which they could approach such cases, but it is important that they explore their options and determine which could prove most effective.

One man in Arizona will certainly want to find his most effective defense route after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man allegedly stole approximately $100,000 worth of iPhones, Apple watches and other cellphones from various Walmarts in the area. The thefts purportedly took place from early May to late June, and authorities attempted to apprehend the man on July 9. It was noted that the suspect was wearing a ski mask in surveillance video, so it is unclear what caused authorities to suspect the man.

When authorities located the man, he reportedly attempted to evade arrest by driving away in a vehicle before stopping and fleeing on foot. It apparently took officers several hours, but they did apprehend the man. He is currently facing charges for theft, fraud and resisting arrest.

In efforts to address the theft charge and other allegations brought against him, this Arizona man may find it useful to ensure that he understands his case and his defense options. Creating and presenting a criminal defense is not an easy task, and he may feel uneasy as his case proceeds. Fortunately, with the right information and assistance, he may be able to feel more confident.


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