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Many people think that those who are arrested for DUI know full well that they are drunk when they get behind the wheel and just choose to ignore the rights of others as well as their own safety. While it is true that some drivers are heavily intoxicated, the majority of DUIs occur with drivers who are at or near the .08 percent blood alcohol limit. What this means is that one or two drinks, in some cases, can be enough to convict you of DUI, and you may not even realize that you are over the limit when you are pulled over.

In fact, drivers at or close to the BAC limit are actually more likely to cooperate with police, believing that they are “safe,” than those who realize they are intoxicated. This means that you could easily place yourself in a position in which your own good intentions may contribute to convicting you of driving under the influence.

Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, is ready to help those who are charged with holiday DUIs. However, Alex Lane believes the prevention is the best resource for everyone; after all, if you are never charged with a DUI, you never have to face the problems of a DUI defense! With this in mind, Alex Lane and his staff offer the following tips for avoiding DUIs this holiday season:

  • Know your limits. If you do not drink often, it is very easy to underestimate how alcohol will affect you. Just one or two drinks may leave you feeling “tipsy,” a condition in which it can be very dangerous for you to drive. Therefore, it is important for you to know your limits. For most people, the best and most pro-active plan is to avoid driving altogether if you have any alcohol at all.
  • Use a designated driver. A designated driver is the safest and best resource possible for you if you are going to drink. Choose someone from your group to drive everyone to and from the holiday party; this person should have no alcohol whatsoever. Take turns being the designated driver so that everyone has a chance to enjoy themselves.
  • Be polite but avoid giving police information. While you should never be rude or aggressive to a police officer, if you are pulled over give only the basic information such as your name, and offer your driver’s license and insurance information. Do not answer questions or allow a search of your vehicle.

Alex Lane is ready to help you with your holiday DUI dilemmas. Contact him today for an appointment.


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