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The Arizona Wildcats may have clinched their Pac-12 South spot with Friday’s win, but wide receiver Samajie Grant will be facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs after a late-night stop, according to recent reports. Grant will also face charges of minor in control of a motor vehicle with spirituous liquor and driving without a valid license.

The criminal aspects of the case may be series, but Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez says that for now, the only official sanctions the football team will place on the second-ranked wide receiver is that he will not start in the conference championship game with Oregon. This does not mean that he will not play but that he will be sidelined for at least some portion of the game. Rodriguez says that Grant will be required to receive counseling and take part in community service activities.

Grant was pulled over when a deputy observed his vehicle’s license plate lights were not working. The deputy reported that he believed the driver might be impaired. When he made the stop, he noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the Camaro and noted that there were seven people inside. Grant was behind the wheel. He was said to be cooperative with officers.

Drugged Driving Equals DUI Penalties

The issue of whether someone is impaired when smoking marijuana and how to determine that level of impairment is a question that has taken on national importance recently. With the recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court that states that the mere presence of marijuana metabolites cannot be used to prove DUI, prosecutors have been facing the prospect of showing other evidence of impairment when drivers are pulled over who have been smoking pot.

In this case, the officer was very careful to note that there were signs of impairment as well as a strong smell of marijuana in the car. This will theoretically lay the groundwork for a possible drugged driving charge that may withstand the new standards for prosecution.

If Grant is convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana, he could face the same penalties as those for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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