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Representative Albert Hale of St. Michaels was arrested for DUI, according to recent reports. Authorities say that the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office arrested Hale and released him after a court appearance the same day. While details are not immediately available, Hale, 64, may be charged depending on the outcome of an investigation which presumably includes a blood alcohol test.

Hale was appointed to fill a state Senate vacancy in 2004 and served until 2010.

Arizona DUI: Tough Penalties, Strict Standards

DUI convictions in Arizona carry tougher penalties than in some other states. In Arizona, even a first-time DUI conviction with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent could earn you up to 10 days in prison, with a minimum 24-hour stay. Additionally, you may face hefty fines, community service, probation and even a required ignition interlock device in some cases.

Arizona divides DUIs into four types based on blood alcohol levels. Anything under .08 percent cannot be charged as a per se DUI but can still result in an “impairment in the slightest degree” charge if there is evidence that alcohol affected your driving. This charge is most often made when the driver causes an accident, even if his or her BAC is under .08 percent. A “regular” DUI is often the charge when someone has a blood alcohol content of .08 percent to .15 percent. From .15 percent to .20 percent, the charge is usually “extreme DUI,” and anything above .20 percent can be charged as “super extreme DUI.”

However, what many people do not realize is that you can incur more than one DUI charge from a single incident. For example, if you have a blood alcohol content of .16, you may not only face an “extreme DUI” charge but also a regular DUI and an impairment charge. This is because in order to reach .16 percent BAC, you had to have a BAC of less than .15 and less than .08 percent as well.

What Should I Do If I Am Charged With DUI?

Whether you face one or multiple DUI charges, the important thing to remember is that you are subject to strict penalties if convicted. It is important to protect yourself to the greatest extent possible. Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, is ready to help you with your DUI charges and will fight for your rights. Call today for a consultation.


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