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The holiday season is almost here, and it may be a good idea to begin thinking about seasonal parties and gatherings well ahead of time in order to avoid DUI charges. The police are out in full force from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, so if you drink and drive the chances are better than average that you will be pulled over.

However, a bit of advance planning may help you avoid a seasonal DUI. Alex Lane, a DUI attorney in Phoenix with years of experience, offers the following tips for keeping your holidays safe and arrest-free:

  • Use a designated driver. If there is one thing that has the single biggest impact on avoiding DUI charges it is the designated driver. However, in order to have an effective designated driver and avoid DUIs, your group must plan ahead. This person must be willing to abstain from all alcohol; even a single drink can cause your designated driver to arouse the suspicion of police officers, especially if everyone else in the car is visibly intoxicated. The only way to be sure of passing the BAC test is to avoid alcohol altogether.
  • Use a taxi. If you do not have a designated driver, take a cab. Most people are happy to call a cab if you need one; you can also download a convenient app on your phone for most cab companies that allows you to order a cab at any time and from any location.
  • Plan to spend the night. Another alternative is to plan to stay the night at your destination. Walking or riding a bike are not safe substitutes for driving if you are drunk; in fact, many pedestrian and bicycle accidents involve alcohol.
  • If you are stopped, cooperate with officers. While you can and probably should refuse to authorize a search of your vehicle or to answer questions about your drinking, you should never be rude or aggressive to police officers; these are sure signs that you have been drinking and will convince most officers that you need a blood alcohol test.

Alex Lane has been representing those accused of DUI as well as other criminal charges in Phoenix and surrounding areas for many years. If you are arrested or charged with DUI, it is important to contact Alex Lane as quickly as possible to avoid the worst penalties associated with these charges.


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