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As we move into the holiday season, remember to plan ahead. A few moments spent planning can save you thousands of dollars in fines or fees and jail time for driving under the influence.

Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, wants you to know that DUI can be prevented, and prevention is always easier and less expensive than dealing with the results of a DUI! In addition, planning for a designated driver can save your life; every holiday season, hundreds of people will die in DUI crashes. One of the most important things you can do to ensure that you avoid DUIs this holidays is to talk openly with your friends and make plans for everyone to arrive home safely.

DUI Statistics: Unhappy Holidays?

Experts have known for some time that the holidays are prime time for DUI arrests. In fact, police departments are so familiar with this phenomenon that they routinely put more officers on the road and conduct more roadblocks during holiday periods.

In 2012, there are 4,371 arrests for DUI in Arizona between the period of November 24 to January 1, 2013. This considered the “holiday period” from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day and is traditionally the time of year when the most DUI arrests are made. There were 1,098 arrests for extreme DUI or 25 percent of the total, and 934 DUI drug arrests.

To put this in perspective, this averages 112 DUI arrests per day, including 28 arrests for extreme DUI per day. Only 1,964 of the cars stopped had designated drivers.

Why Do I Need A Designated Driver?

Appointing a designated driver is the only way to be sure that you will avoid a DUI charge. Even if you have only one drink, officers may stop and arrest you if they suspect your driving is impaired. Contrary to popular belief, it is difficult but not impossible to secure a DUI conviction even if your blood alcohol level is below the state threshold of .08 percent.

Designated drivers protect both you and others on the road. Choose someone who will agree not to drink at all. Even a single drink can disqualify a designated driver. Most bars are happy to provide free soft drinks for designated drivers.

If you are charged with DUI, contact Alex Lane today. His years of experience defending those accused of DUI will help you manage your case successfully.


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