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According to recent reports, a man was arrested on charges of burglary in the second degree and theft of means of transportation after a joyride that may have involved alcohol.

Sources say officers were responding to a report of a missing gold Chrysler 300 and were sent to a residence in the 700 block of W. 11th Street in Safford. According to one of the victims, the keys of the car were inside one of the compartments within the vehicle and the car was left unlocked. The car was not being driven due to lack of insurance. A Safford officer who was on patrol at the time noticed a vehicle matching the missing car’s description near the Graham County Fairgrounds. The officer then found the vehicle as it pulled into the parking lot of a church off U.S. Highway 191.

The driver, Rocky Blackburn, 21, tried to walk away from the vehicle when he was confronted by the officer. Blackburn did not stop running until the officer drew his gun on him. Reports say Blackburn did not pass any field sobriety tests and admitted to consuming six to seven beers. He allegedly told the officer that he was walking around the neighborhood when he saw the car and took it.

Blackburn had blood taken at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center to test his BAC and determine whether or not he will be charged with a DUI.

DUI May Not Be The End of the Story

DUI laws and offenses that can be charged along with DUI vary based on the state you live in. Arizona laws allow a number of other charges to coincide with a DUI charge, and some penalties can even be increased based on whether or not you have a DUI or prior DUI conviction.

Among those charges, reckless driving is one of the most common. Reckless driving has been committed when a vehicle has been driven in reckless disregard for persons or property. It is considered a misdemeanor offense and comes with up to a 90-day license suspension and possible jail time. Your penalties are also increased dramatically if you have been convicted of DUI within the past two years.

Aggressive driving is a misdemeanor crime and may also accompany DUI charges. A driver commits aggressive driving when he or she demonstrates excessive speed, commits other traffic infractions and his or her driving is deemed an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle. If you are convicted of aggressive driving the penalties can include up to a 30-day license suspension and possible jail time. You may also be required to attend traffic school.

Life After A DUI Arrest

Being arrested, whether it is for DUI, burglary in the second degree or theft of means of transportation, can be a frightening experience. If you are arrested, you owe it to yourself to seek quality legal representation. Contact Alex Lane in Phoenix for help.


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