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Police found an unusual scene when they responded to an accident recently, according to recent reports. Officers were dispatched to a collision in Cottonwood at the intersection of Cove Parkway and South Main Street where they found they found a ‘lifted’ truck, reported stolen previously, that had crashed into a small white sedan and gotten stuck on top of it.

When police officers arrived, they noted that the pickup truck was parked behind and partially on top of the white sedan with the driver still in the driver’s seat. Police identified him the man at the wheel as Eric James Brunner, a 41-year-old man from Cornville. According to reports given by the police officers, Brunner had bloodshot eyes and was speaking incoherently. He also had trouble maintaining his balance when police told him to step out of the vehicle. Police officers attempted to conduct a field sobriety test, which involves testing for eye reactions and maintaining balance with one leg up in the air, but Brunner was unable to cooperate with officers so did not perform the test.

The driver of the small white car told her side of the story to the officers. The 24-year old woman from Cottonwood claimed that she had stopped at the Cove Parkway intersection and the white truck with Brunner driving had pulled up very close to her. Worried that he was too close to her car, she edged forward to create some distance. Suddenly Brunner accelerated rapidly and crashed into the back of her car, causing her to hold her brake in an attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of her. Brunner was arrested on suspicion of DUI and other possible charges.

Arizona DUIs Continue to Be A Serious Issue

In Arizona in 2012, there were 5,190 alcohol-related crashes, according to figures released by The Arizona Department of Transportation. This accounted for roughly five percent of the total road accident figures in Arizona. Incidents can range from minor crashes to fatalities, with many drivers facing multiple criminal charges after the accident.

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