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Home Blog Drunk Driving Causes Car to Run Stop Sign and T-Bone Van

According to recent reports, 44-year-old Elizabeth Valenzuela was killed and two men were injured when a car collided with the minivan she was riding in. Witnesses told police that a Ford Crown Victoria sped through a stop sign and T-boned the minivan.

Lieutenant Brandon Jones of the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department stated the impact completely destroyed the passenger side of the minivan. Valenzuela was thrown from the vehicle, and it ultimately landed on top of her. Authorities declared her dead at the scene.

The unnamed driver of the minivan was conscious when first responders arrived on the scene. He and 55-year-old Michael Cherney, who drove the Crown Victoria, were both taken to local hospitals.

Police reported that Cherney showed strong signs of driving while intoxicated at the time of the collision. They stated that he had a blood alcohol content BAC of .20 percent, over twice the legal limit. They also reported finding marijuana and an alcohol container in his vehicle.

Police suggested that Cherney could face serious consequences if found guilty of driving under the influence.

Arrests for Drunk Driving Remain High

The website shares some poignant insight into the drunk driving problem in the United States. Although driving while intoxicated is a serious crime with stiff penalties, many people continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol or some other drug such as marijuana.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that about 1.5 million people are arrested in any given year for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That translates to one out of every 121 licensed drivers having been arrested for drunk driving. Despite a nationwide ban on driving while intoxicated, a person is arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by substances once in approximately every 88 traffic stops.

I Have Been Arrested for Drunk Driving! What Can I Do?

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