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Holidays are a good time to sit back and enjoy some time off. In many ways, Labor Day, with its picnics and barbecues, is the perfect time for this sort of relaxing. Unfortunately, a peaceful holiday will turn into a legal nightmare for many who were arrested this year for DUI. The reports are now coming out on the number of arrest’s over this year’s Labor Day weekend, and the results show an increase in overall DUIs.

The Numbers Are In

In Arizona, the number of DUI arrest on Labor Day weekend went up this year, according to reports. 2014 saw 80 more arrests than the same period of time in 2013, largely due to minors who were charged with liquor law citations; this number doubled from last year.

This increase is partly due to the number of police on the road increasing and the number of stops increasing. There were about 50 more officers on the road in 2014 compared to last year, and this helped them police a larger area. In fact, the overall number of stops went up by 500.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has made it a priority to catch DUIs and increase the overall safety of the roadways. Catching a DUI driver is potentially eliminating a future accident. Not only were the numbers of police greater, but the officers on patrol were focused on catching those who have been driving drunk and preventing them from doing any damage.

The public is supportive of these types of measures. For many, these numbers reflect a positive change in policing such holidays and keeping the general public safe. Of course, those who are arrested for DUI face very serious consequences. Even a misdemeanor charge carries severe penalties. A DUI is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor and can result in a sentence of up to six months in jail, depending on the circumstances and the blood alcohol content of the driver.

DUIs are never taken lightly and holiday weekends are times when the police are certain to be on the watch for drivers under the influence. If you are arrested for a DUI, call the Law Offices of Alex Lane. Alex Lane is a former prosecutor who is now a defense lawyer, and he knows how the system works on both sides of the aisle. Contact Alex Lane in Phoenix today for a consultation about your DUI charges.


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