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Getting a DUI is expensive in any state. There are many costs associated with a DUI, including paying legal fees and posting bail. There is often a long-term price to pay as well. The increase in insurance costs as well as lost income from your job may quickly add up, and several DUI convictions could mean that you are unable to secure employment with many companies.

DUI–An Expensive Mistake

The average price of a DUI is around $10,000 in the United States. Arizona has a relatively low DUI fine system compared to states such as Massachusetts, but that does not mean that you will not suffer financially if you are convicted of this crime. The total cost of a first time DUI charge in Arizona can range between $5,762 and $9,962. Costs include:

  • A minimum fine of $250. This can increase depending on the amount of damage caused or the severity of the DUI
  • Auto insurance increase of $1,800 to $6,000. The amount you pay for car insurance depends partially on how risky you are while driving. If you have been charged with a DUI, insurers will want you to pay more. This is where the majority of the cost of a DUI comes from. Insurance price increases can affect you in later life as well, as you may lose your original coverage and wind up paying more each year for your new coverage. This is particularly true if you have more than one DUI charge.
  • $600 for a penalty assessment.
  • $100 for a State Restitution Fund. This is taken by the state to help assist the victims of crime.
  • $50 for an Alcohol-Abuse Education Fund.
  • $10 for Jail-Cite-and-release fee.
  • $37 for Blood/Breath testing fees. They may be a vital part of your defense so it can often be beneficial to spend money on an independently verified blood/breath test.
  • $375 for driving or alcohol-awareness school. Education can often help to prevent future offenses, but you have to attend it whether you believe it will help you or not.
  • $40 for a License Reissue Fee.

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