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A Kayenta, Arizona, man is accused of crashing his vehicle into Page High School while driving under the influence of alcohol last week. He was arrested after crashing into a vacant classroom; there were no serious injuries reported, but the damage to school property is estimated to be about $20,000.

Edsel Young, 47, suffered only minor injuries, and no other people were involved in the accident.

A female witness who was walking with a companion saw Young crash his Chevy Suburban into the school and contacted police via cell phone.

According to police report, Young is charged with super extreme DUI and aggravated criminal damage. His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.223 percent and 0.225 percent in two separate tests.

The police officer who responded believed Young to be intoxicated, reporting that the suspect had slurred speech and watery eyes along with an odor of alcohol on his breath. Young then failed a field sobriety test.

This is Young’s second DUI arrest; the first occurred in 2000, so will not apply as a “repeat offender” charge.

DUI Convictions Carry a Heavy Price

There are severe consequences for DUI convictions in Arizona that increase with the level of alcohol in the bloodstream and the number of previous DUI arrests. Along with steep fines and possible jail sentences, you can face additional penalties if convicted of extreme or super-extreme DUI. Court-imposed penalties may include being ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling, DUI school and the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This is a mechanism that prevents a driver from operating his or her vehicle before successfully performing a breathalyzer-based sobriety test. If the court requires you to proceed with these classes and installation, you will be responsible for all related costs, which can quickly become very expensive.

The financial hardships imposed by the legal system may be only the beginning of your problems if you are convicted of DUI, however. Your insurance carrier will likely increase your monthly rates and may even drop your coverage. Loss of car insurance can leave you without reliable transportation to work or school; this is particularly true in an area without good public transportation.

DUI convictions carry negative social stigma as well. You do not want to be known as someone with no regard for other people’s safety.

I Have Been Arrested For DUI! What Can I Do?

If you face a DUI charge, it is imperative that you have professional legal representation. Having an excellent, experienced criminal attorney can mean the difference between moving on with your life or paying large fines and even facing felony charges. Alex Lane, a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix with many years of experience in representing those charged with DUI, is committed to helping you through every step of the process and to ensuring that all of your legal questions and concerns are addressed. Contact Alex Lane immediately to discuss your DUI charge.


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