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Home Blog Close to 400 Alcohol-Related Arrests at ASU during First Weekend of Semester

Tempe Police Department (TPD) continues stepping up efforts to curb alcohol-related tragedies on and around Arizona State University (ASU). The police department’s “Safe and Sober” campaign is now in its second year, and the first weekend of the school year saw considerable arrests.

So far this year, the police have made 146 arrests for DUI, over 100 for underage alcohol consumption, 35 arrests for underage possession of alcohol and 99 arrests for other offenses.

Police reported students throwing bottles at a squad car from 18th and 19th floor windows of an apartment building. However, no arrests were made.

In 2013, the Safe and Sober unit made over 370 arrests in the first weekend of the university’s fall semester. Well over 1,000 arrests were made within the first month of classes.

DUIs and Students

College students and young adults are at statistically high risk for driving while intoxicated. A report by USWP in 2010 stated that 20 percent of college students admitted to driving after drinking. The rate soars when students turn 21 years old as this is the minimum age to legally drink in the United States.

Amelia M. Arria, director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, comments on the issue of college students and driving while intoxicated: “College students have limited driving experience, making drinking and driving possibly even more hazardous.”

DUI convictions are something that everyone wants avoid. Not only can a driver face jail time, but the financial costs can be considerable as well. This is especially true for someone living on a student’s budget. A DUI conviction will likely increase your auto insurance rates; in fact, it is not unheard of for companies to charge convicted DUI offenders up to three times more for coverage. Given that college students are already paying top prices for car insurance, this increase can effectively ground the student for the remainder of his or her college career.

I Have Been Arrested for DUI! What Can I Do?

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