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An Arizona father may face DUI charges after he went out drinking with his daughter and lost touch with her during the evening after a fight. While he was looking for his daughter, he was stopped and arrested for DUI.

The incident began when Oscar Rene Abril of Safford, Arizona, went out with his daughter and another man to get drinks at a local bar. The daughter and the other man got into a fight and she left the establishment without a car. The second man followed the girl in a car and eventually got stuck in sand, necessitating a tow. Police took the daughter home in the meantime, ensuring that she was safe.

The father, not realizing his daughter was home and her safety was assured, began searching for her. He drove through a stop sign and was stopped by law enforcement for possible drunk driving. When he was pulled over, the officer noted he had bloodshot eyes, was sweating and kept asking where his daughter was.

The officer administered a field sobriety test which Abril failed. Abril was inspected by paramedics and afterwards was dropped off at his home. The report was sent to the city attorney, and charges are being contemplated.  Prosecutors may be inclined to give the man some leniency since he was not intending to drive himself home and was abandoned at the bar, although they could still hold him accountable for driving drunk.

No Excuses for DUI

DUIs are very serious business. The first offense in Arizona carries a minimum jail time of 10 days, 24 hours of which must be served. The initial fine is $250 dollars and your license can be suspended between 90 and 360 days.

Anyone arrested for a DUI in Arizona faces heavy fines, possible jail time, loss of license and even mandatory ignition interlock device installation on vehicles. It is very important for someone accused of DUI to take very possible step to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

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