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A drunk driving conviction can not only cost you in terms of criminal penalties, fines and fees, but in most states your auto insurance can increase for as many as seven years after the conviction. In Arizona, DUI law requires the suspension of driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days, and in order to get your driving privileges back you may need a special type of insurance called SR22. SR22 is not actually the insurance but a statement that your insurance company is willing to insure you after the DUI. This type of insurance is not only costly, but may be hard to acquire.

A demand for an SR22 statement tells your insurance carrier that you are a “high-risk” driver, and the cost of your premiums will reflect that status. If you were previously considered a safe driver and your insurance company placed you in a preferred status, your insurance rates could now be triple the original cost. If your current insurance carrier does not provide SR22 statements, they will cancel your policy, forcing you to look elsewhere for coverage. A new company is not going to consider your prior good record; if you need an SR22, they will charge you accordingly.     

What Is An SR22 and How Are My Rates Determined?

SR stands for safety responsibility and is a special document provided by your insurance carrier which verifies an individual has coverage. There are two types of SR22s-owner and non-owner. If you own a vehicle, an Owner SR22 will be required in order for you to legally operate a motor vehicle. If you do not own a vehicle but there is a possibility that you could drive one you will be required to produce a Non-Owner SR22. The SR22 policy could be required for up to seven years following a DUI conviction. If the driver fails to keep up with premium payments, the insurance is cancelled and the license is suspended.

Most insurance companies look at a number of factors when determining the rates to charge for coverage with an SR22. However unfair it may seem, things such as education level, marital status, driving record and even credit rating all are factors which the company will consider. Other things taken into consideration are credit score, miles driven to and from work, occupation, residential location, age, gender and type of vehicle driven.

What To Do When You Are Charged With A DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI, you are in danger of having to pay fines, serve prison time and lose your driving privileges. You may also face a huge increase in your insurance premiums. Alex Lane has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you navigate the complexities of DUI law and minimize the impact of these charges whenever possible. To schedule a free initial consultation call (480) 776-5757 today.


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