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In Georgia, director Randall Miller was charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass. According to police sources, while filming his latest movie, a biopic of The Allman Brothers Band, a camera assistant was injured and died on set.

The crew were filming on the railroad in Wayne County when a train traveling on the track injured six of the film crew and killed Sarah Jones, who was filming at the time. The crew raised suspicion against Miller, who stood accused of failing to receive the right permit to go onto the railway tracks or film there. Had Miller obtained the right kind of permit, conductors would have been aware of the crew’s presence. Essentially, Miller was accused of trespassing on the tracks.

A criminal investigation was launched by the Wayne County District Attorney: Miller, his wife Jody Savin and the film’s executive producer Jay Sedrish all faced accusations of being on the railway tracks without any permits. The charge for involuntary manslaughter could result in a 10-year sentence for Miller and Sedrish, while the penalty for criminal trespass is around twelve months.

The production of the film was halted amid safety concerns for the actors. William Hurt, who was set to portray Gregg Allman as the lead character, had voiced safety concerns about the Wayne County set to his friend days before the tragic death of Jones. Hurt subsequently left the production of the film.

As well as charges of involuntary manslaughter, Miller is also facing a civil suit from Sarah Jones’s family and official complaints from members of the film crew. A crew of Hollywood stars which included Nina Dobrev and Sam Underwood united to create a short film in Jones’ memory which calls for more safety on film sets.

Manslaughter is a serious offence. While the victim’s family and friends are, of course, the rightful subjects of sympathy, the person responsible for the death may not have meant for anything to happen and may be frightened and dismayed by the outcome of the events.

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