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The man who caused a DUI accident, resulting in the death of one person, is now a fugitive and on the run according to authorities.

Delbert Brechler smashed into the rear of a truck driven by Cody Raymond, 17, last year, causing the truck to flip. The accident killed Raymond. When police tested Brechler, they found that he had an extremely high blood alcohol level of .208 percent.

Police have been unable to assess exactly how fast Brechler was driving. Evidence from the accident shows a high rate of speed, considering the back of Raymond’s truck was lifted off the ground, destroying his transaxle. The force pushed the truck 700 feet before it rolled and came to rest upside down. A witness to the accident claimed she watched Brechler drive east with reckless disregard two miles on Route 66 before the collision at John L Avenue. She also stated that Brechler drove either on the shoulder of the highway or straight in the middle of the centerline and was “clearly impaired.”

To make matters worse, Brechler failed to appear at his trial. He had not received permission to be absent. Brechler is now considered a fugitive, and may be hiding out with family in Tucson or California. Despite his absence, the trial continued, with Brechler’s lawyer representing him.

The prosecution stated that Brechler was not “slightly drunk but very drunk and turned his car into an instrument of death.” Despite this, the defense attempted to argue that the accident was not worthy of the level of manslaughter. Brechler had stated that Raymond was traveling in and out of the turn lane and had veered back to the left when Brechler hit him. He claimed it happened so fast, “it was too late” to avoid a crash.

The jury reached a verdict, finding Brechler guilty for manslaughter, aggravated assault, and three felony DUIs. Judge Rick Williams issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Brechler. Upon his capture, Brechler faces more than 30 years in prison. A previous plea deal cut this time in half, but was refused by Brechler.

Arizona Is Strict On DUI

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