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The woman responsible for the DUI accident that claimed the lives of two people in Mesa, AZ has a prior DUI arrest, according to police sources.

Ingrid Morataya, 35, hit a Chevy Malibu stopped at a red light at Recker and Brown roads. The impact caused a chain reaction, leaving two persons, Jason ‘Chris’ Aguilera and his girlfriend, Guadalupe Madril, dead.

Morataya was taken to a hospital following the accident. Officers are currently awaiting the results of Morataya’s blood test to determine what was in her system. They suspect she was driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Morataya admitted to smoking marijuana the night before the crash. However, Morataya’s family blames her poor mental health for the accident. Despite this, her family says her behavior leading up to the crash does not excuse her actions. Due to her instability, her family was planning to send her back to Guatemala.

Morataya was arrested for manslaughter, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment upon her release from the hospital following the accident. She is currently being held in the psychiatric ward of the county jail on a $500,000 cash only bond.

Morataya had been arrested several days prior to the accident for disorderly conduct. According to the report, she was running up and down her street, banging on the doors of her neighbors and yelling strange phrases like ‘I can move the moon.’

Angela Aguilera stated “she knew what she was doing that day, she knew she was out to hurt somebody.” Another Aguliera family member stated, “Own up to what you did, ya know, I haven’t heard any apology from her family or herself.”

Arizona DUI Laws Cover Alcohol and Drugs

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In the case of Morataya, there is evidence that her actions may not have been the result of driving under the influence. Alex Lane knows how to challenge blood tests and other evidence collected by police to reveal the truth. Alex Lane will also offer aggressive representation and negotiation, and if needed, preparations for trial. With years of experience in Arizona defense law, including DUI defense, Alex Lane will take an individualized approach to your individual case. Call today for a free initial consultation.


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