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Arizona’s ramped up Memorial Day DUI Task Force has arrested 495 people on DUI charges over the 2014 May 23 through May 26 Memorial Day weekend, according to reports.

This number represents the fewest DUI arrests of the last five Memorial Day weekends. These previous weekends, particularly those from 2010 to 2013, show an average of 630 DUI-related arrests. This is not a reflection on a decrease in police work, as the statewide DUI taskforce averaged about 1800 police officers as it had in previous years.

According to recent statistics, more sober designated drivers, numbering about 580, were pulled over than the 495 alleged drunk drivers in 2014. Despite a lower number of DUI arrests, 5000 other citations were issued, including citations for speeding and seat belt violations. Other arrests included DUI arrests of those under the legal drinking age of 21, totaling at 36 for 2014, a slight decrease from the 38 in 2013. Those arrested for possession of alcohol under the age of 21 was much higher, totaling 182, though much lower than the 352 arrests in 2013. Police also arrested motorists for driving under the influence of drugs other than alcohol. The DUI drug arrest number totaled at 104 in 2014, compared to the slightly higher 108 arrests in 2013. The number of extreme DUI arrests, for those with a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher, was also down, numbering 140 in 2014 compared to 169 in 2013.

Overall, police made about 11,580 total traffic stops during the 2014 Memorial Day weekend. This is significantly lower than the 16,026 stops made in 2013 over the same weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is the third statewide DUI-enforcement campaign Arizona has undertaken this year. Of these three statewide DUI-enforcement campaigns, Memorial Day resulted in the second-most arrests, totaling 495. Cinco de Mayo had the highest number of arrests this year, totaling at 500 arrests, while St. Patrick’s Day weekend came in third at 413 arrests.

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