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A Memorial Day party turned violent when Vincent Hezekia of Kingman, Arizona, was taken into custody in Valle Vista, Arizona, after becoming aggressive and confrontational at a poolside at a local residence, according to recent reports.

A caller on Superstition Drive told police that a man, a woman and their two children were at the pool and that the man and woman were quarreling, with the woman physically on the ground.

Mr. Hezekia apparently left, and then revisited to the scene and instigated another fight. Witnesses reportedly communicated to deputies that Mr. Hezekia nearly hit the suspected victims with his car. The witnesses also recounted that they attempted to stop Hezekia from dragging the woman and two children into a red Suzuki. The woman is aged 31, while the children are ages 3 and 5.

Deputies purportedly witnessed Hezekia hurry out of the parking lot when they appeared, while a number of bystanders pointed out the Suzuki.

Mr. Hezekia allegedly declined to agree to take DUI tests and was arrested. The woman was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center for evaluation, with a potentially fractured shoulder. Mr. Hezekia was also taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center to be treated for a cut above his right eye. The condition of the two children have not been reported.

Mr. Hezekia faces seven felony counts, including two counts of child abuse by domestic violence; aggravated assault-injury by domestic violence; two counts of endangerment; aggravated DUI-license suspended; two counts of aggravated DUI-passenger under 15; and misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct by domestic violence and driving on a suspended license. It is unknown if Mr. Hezekia has a previous criminal record.

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