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From time to time, someone is pulled over, arrested and charged with DUI who is not a resident of the state. Can a person get arrested for DUI if he/she does not have an AZ license? What happens when a non-resident is charged with DUI? Alex Lane represents DUI defendants who are residents of the state and those who are visiting from out of town, so contact him if you are arrested for DUI, no matter where you live.

Alex Lane has years of experience representing those accused of all types of crimes. His experiences in this area have allowed him to help many people who are facing a DUI charge. Here are some of Alex Lane’s tips or pointers for those who may be faced with DUI, particularly those who do not live in Arizona:

  • If you are arrested, seek legal representation immediately. Do not wait until you are charged formally. You can lose your license, even in your home state, and face serious consequences if you are simply arrested for DUI. A DUI defense attorney should be your first call as soon as you are arrested if you want to protect your rights.
  • Do not make assumptions. It is easy to think the worst, but the fact is that if your DUI can be handled without your presence, you may not even be required to return to the state of Arizona. You should hold yourself ready to return if necessary but you should never assume that your case is hopeless or admit to any wrongdoing simply to “get it over with.”
  • Make no statements to the police or others. You might be surprised at the number of people who have thrown away an opportunity to have criminal charges dismissed by talking out of turn to police officers or even by posting things on social media. The best thing you can possibly do is to be quiet until you talk to your attorney and avoid sharing your situation outside of your immediate family until your charges are dismissed.

Alex Lane is ready to help you fight DUI charges. No matter what the police tell you, it is always wise to seek legal counsel before making any decisions about your DUI case. Contact Alex Lane today for a consultation about your charges and learn how to handle them most effectively.


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