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Home Blog Coronado Football Coach May Have Resigned Over DUI Charge

A Phoenix football coach resigned just before settling an extreme DUI case, leading to speculation that his resignation was prompted by the criminal charge, according to recent reports. Citing “personal and family reasons,” the man resigned as head football coach for Coronado High School in Scottsdale. However, the DUI charge that the coach settled just after his resignation was not his first.

Reports state that the coach was charged with extreme DUI in 2000, the year after he began leading the football program. He pled guilty to felony endangerment and DUI, earning four years of probation as well as a 30-day jail sentence. The most recent DUI charge occurred in November when he was charged with extreme DUI after allegedly running a red light. He pled guilty and was given probation as well as fines and court-ordered treatment. He is still employed at Coronado as a PE teacher.

Can DUI Affect My Employment?

Whether or not a DUI affects your job is usually determined by your company’s policy. You are far more likely to lose your job if you are charged with DUI while in a company vehicle or while on company business. The reason for this is that a DUI on company time could open your employer to liability if you caused an accident and injured someone. Furthermore, any injuries you suffer on the job could open your employer to a worker’s compensation claim.

However, many companies and fields of employment also have ethics governance that can affect your job status if you are convicted of a DUI. Some private companies have strict policies: if you receive a DUI at any time, even on your “own time,” you can be terminated immediately. Some companies demand that you report any DUI arrests within a period of time, so check your company’s policy carefully.

What Should I Do If I Am Arrested For DUI?

In order to prevent the loss of your job, jail time and other consequences, you may want to consult a Phoenix DUI attorney for help. Alex Lane has been handling DUI cases in Phoenix for many years and is ready to help you fight for your rights. A DUI conviction can have long-term repercussions on your life, including your job and your relationships. Contact Alex Lane today in order to protect your rights and fight your DUI charges.


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