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Home Blog Both Sides of the Aisle: How Being a Prosecutor Helps Alex Lane As a Defense Attorney

Alex Lane is an Arizona criminal defense attorney who has been successfully defending clients for more than 10 years. However, Alex Lane was not always a defense attorney. For many years, Mr. Lane was a prosecutor with the Vehicular Crimes Unit of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

How did Alex Lane transform from a prosecutor into a successful defense attorney? The answer might be a bit surprising.

“Doing What Is Right Is Always Important”

While Mr. Lane retains his desire to see justice served, he also realizes, through his work as a prosecuting attorney, that many people who have been charged with crimes have a much more complex story than appears at first.

“Doing what is right is always important,” says Mr. Lane, “and doing what is right may mean representing a defendant who has been unjustly or unfairly charged just as much as it means ensuring that those who commit crimes are brought to justice. In fact, doing what is right may simply mean doing my best to ensure that everyone who comes into a court room has fair and honest representation.”

A Successful Track Record

Since becoming a defense attorney, Alex Lane has built a reputation as one of Arizona’s top DUI defense lawyers. He has also served clients charged with drug possession, domestic violence, robbery, homicide and white collar crimes. He represents both adults and juveniles in criminal actions.

It is no joke to be charged with a crime. Whether your charges are felonies or misdemeanors, there can be serious results from a conviction that can last throughout your life.

Criminal charges can result in serious consequences, and Alex Lane knows that it is very important for every person who is charged with a crime to have sound legal representation. When clients do not have a good defense attorney, the chances of a negative outcome to their case increases exponentially. While it is technically possible for a client to represent himself or herself on a criminal charge, it is usually in the client’s best interest to have a defense attorney acting on his or her behalf.

Alex Lane offers professional representation for all who are accused of crimes. Contact Alex Lane today to find out how he can help you deal with criminal charges and minimize the damage done to your life, your reputation and your freedom.


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