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No matter how good your legal representation, it is very possible that you could lose your driving privileges for a period of time following a DUI charge and conviction.  Whether you have lost your license for three months or longer, it is important for you to understand the procedure for reinstating your license.  If you do not follow the proper procedure, your license will remain suspended indefinitely.

What Is A Suspension?

A driver’s license suspension differs from a revocation in one fundamental way: those whose licenses have been suspended may apply for reinstatement of driving privileges.  Revocation, on the other hand, is more or less permanent.  A driver whose license has been revoked must reapply and be reissued a new license, although the MVD has the authority to deny that right to certain drivers.

The most common form of punishment by the MVD is a suspension, revocations being reserved for very serious offenses such as driving on a suspended license.  Depending on how the suspension came about, the driver may be required to receive the court’s permission for a license reinstatement, attention counseling or classes or file an SR-22 Insurance Certificate with the state.  Some cases allow reinstatement of the license only if the driver installs and maintains an ignition interlock device.

How Do I Reinstate My License?

In order to restore your driving privileges, you must meet all the requirements set out by the court, the MVD or both to reinstate your license.  You should bring copies of all documentation that supports your claim that you have done these things to the MVD hearing.  You will be given an opportunity to speak to the hearing officer and present your evidence.  If there is no reason to withhold your license, it is likely that this process will be a smooth one.

On the other hand, if you have committed any other traffic infractions in conjunction with your DUI or if you have driven on a suspended license, the path to reinstatement may not be as easy.  In either case, it helps to have the assistance of a DUI defense attorney like Alex Lane.  With the help of an attorney with years of DUI experience, it is much easier to attain the goal of recovering your driving privileges than if you act alone.  Call Alex Lane today to discuss your driver’s license and what you can do to protect it.


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